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Welcome to Project:Quests, which concerns all Quests found in LOTRO.


Quests should have the template parameters properly filled in (the Infobox), a Walkthrough, the Rewards, and the Quest text from the game (this can include the actual NPC spoken text). Quests missing significant details should have {{Stub/Quest}} at the top of the page or in the appropriate section. Quests using the old template should be converted, using Boilerplate:Quest.

The Create new quest feature allows you to create a quest page without having to do much copy pasting yourself. Or use Boilerplate:Quest.

Quest:Instance quests should refer to the main quest as prerequisite, usually that dependence is expressed via the quest-chain layout.

Quest name:
Quests are spelled and punctuated exactly as in-game, see Help:Names and Help:Spelling and Punctuation.

The name parameter should read without the "Quest:" part, but instances, raids, tasks, etc, retain that part of their names. Examples:

For further help, see Boilerplate:Quest which comments each template parameter, provides pre-formatted sections and guidelines, and some hints.


All articles found in the Quests category tree.

Templates & related:




New quest template - Template:Infobox Quests, details at Boilerplate:Quest

Work In Progress

  • pending

Things To Do

  • Redo quests currently using old template
  • Add quest reward items