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Legendary Items are class-specific equippable items that can be customized to suit a character's combat needs, build, and style, as opposed to standard weapons and equipment that have unchangeable stat bonuses. Legendary Items (LIs) are customized by adding Traceries, which are granted as quest rewards or as drops in instances. Traceries are improved by using Enhancement Runes which are also rewards and drops. Periodically as a character levels Legendary Items can be improved through Reforging which raises the item level and base stats of the item (DPS, Tactical Damage Rating, etc.).

Legendary Items are designed to grow and improve along with the character as they level. A Legendary Item once obtained need never be replaced. It can be enhanced with additional Traceries and improved with Enhancement Runes all throughout the character's lifespan.

For an index of all items related to Legendary Items, see the Legendary Items Index.

Obtaining Legendary Items

Characters obtain their first Legendary Items as rewards for the following quests:

A character must be at least level 45 to complete both quests (although they may be difficult for under-leveled characters).

After completing the quest [50] Vol. II, Book 1, Chapter 12: The Watcher in the Water, characters gain access to Gobeth Teithian, the Archive of Traceries in the Last Homely House in Rivendell, where they can barter with the vendor Legendary Weapons/Class Items for additional Legendary Items using Ancient Script.

Additional Legendary Weapons/Class Items can be purchased from the Legendary Weapons/Class Items NPC within the Archive for 200 Ancient Script.

Ancient Script are the primary barter currency for Legendary Items, Traceries, and Enhancement Runes. They have a Currency Cap of 10,000, are Bound to Account, and are stored in the Wallet. They can be obtained by the following means:

Note: If you are at or above the currency cap of 10,000 you will not be able to receive more Ancient Script through disenchantment. However, you will be able to receive more through Appraisal. Beware: If you open an Ancient Script coffer claimed from Reward Track, you will lose any currency in excess of the cap!

Legendary Items can also be obtained by purchasing a  Legendary Item Box from the LOTRO Store for 495 LOTRO Point .

Equipping Legendary Items

The "Traceries Barred" effect.

All characters may have as many Legendary Items as desired, but may only equip two at a time. Most classes will equip a Legendary Weapon in the Primary Weapon Slot and a Legendary Class Item in the Class Slot. However, Hunters instead equip a Legendary Bow or Crossbow in their Ranged Weapon Slot and a Legendary Melee Weapon in their Primary Weapon Slot, and Wardens equip a Legendary Melee Weapon in their Primary Weapon Slot and a Legendary Javelin in their Ranged Weapon Slot.

The dual-wielding classes Beorning, Burglar, Champion, and Hunter cannot dual-wield two Legendary Melee Weapons.

If you have old (pre-update 30.3) Legendary Items equipped you will have an effect called "Traceries Barred" which prevents you from equipping new Legendary Items. You must unequip all old Legendary Items before equipping any new ones.


Legendary Items must be reforged before they can initially be used and should be reforged at periodic intervals thereafter (approximately every five character levels). Reforging is done at a Forge-master or by using Subscriber Town Services.

Reforging a Legendary Item provides the following benefits:

  • Increases the Legendary Item's Minimum Level to the character's current level
  • Increases the Legendary Item's Item Level
  • Increases the Damage and DPS or Tactical Damage Rating of a Legendary Weapon
  • Increases the Tactical Healing Rating or Incoming Healing Rating of a Legendary Class Item
  • Sometimes adds additional slots for Traceries

There is no benefit or drawback to reforging earlier or later within a level range; the effects of the reforge will be the same within that range. It is also possible to skip level ranges. The following table summarizes the Item Levels and Tracery Slots gained when reforging at each character level range.

The current maximum rank achievable for an LI Items Level was raised to 490 on 23rd May 2023. According to the Public Event Schedule, the next increase to 515 will be on 1st Nov 2023.

reforged at
character level
LI Item
Number of Tracery slots Tracery Details
Legendary Melee Weapon Legendary Class Item, Hunter Bow/Crossbow or Warden Javelin Usable Tiers Enhancement Limits
Heraldric Word of Power Word of Mastery Word of Craft Total Heraldric Word of Power Word of Mastery Word of Craft Total Minimum Maximum
45-55 52 1 2 1 4 1 2 1 4 1 51 52
56-60 60 1 1 2 1 5 1 1 2 1 5 1 51 60
61-65 65 1 1 2 1 5 1 1 2 1 5 1 51 65
66-70 70 1 1 2 1 5 1 1 2 1 5 1 51 70
71-75 75 1 1 3 1 6 1 1 3 1 6 1 51 75
76-80 100 1 1 3 1 6 1 1 3 1 6 1 51 100
81-85 129 1 1 3 1 6 1 1 3 1 6 1 51 125
86-90 155 1 1 3 1 6 1 1 3 1 6 1, 4 51, 130 125, 155
91-95 175 1 1 3 1 6 1 2 3 1 7 1, 4 51, 130 125, 175
96-99 190 1 1 3 1 6 1 2 3 1 7 4 130 190
100 200 1 1 4 1 7 1 2 4 1 8 4 130 200
101-104 215 1 1 4 1 7 1 2 4 1 8 4, 7 130, 201 200, 215
105 250 1 1 5 1 8 1 2 5 1 9 4, 7 130, 201 200, 250
106-110 315 1 1 5 1 8 1 2 5 1 9 7, 9 201, 300 299, 315
111-115 349 1 1 5 2 9 1 2 5 2 10 7, 9 201, 300 299, 349
116-119 365 1 1 5 2 9 1 2 5 2 10 9, 11 300, 300 349, 365
120 399 1 1 6 2 10 1 2 6 2 11 9, 11 300, 350 349, 399
121-125 415 1 1 6 2 10 1 2 6 2 11 11, 13 350, 400 399, 415
126-130 449 1 2 6 2 11 1 3 6 2 12 11, 13 350, 400 399, 449
131-135 465 1 2 6 2 11 1 3 6 2 12 13, 14 400, 450 465
136-140 499 1 2 6 2 11 1 3 6 2 12 13, 14 400, 450 490
141-150 515 1 2 6 2 11 1 3 6 2 12 14, 15 450, 500 499, 549

Reforging Legendary Items costs money. The amount is dependent on character level.

Customizing with Traceries

Traceries are items that are slotted into Legendary Items in order to grant skill buffs and stat bonuses and are the means by which characters can customize a Legendary Item to suit a particular use, build, or specialization. Traceries function much like Essences in that they are slotted into items and then can be unslotted at will using Mithril Coins or a Tracery Reclamation Scroll.

Traceries are available in four different qualities (or rarities): Uncommon, Rare, Incomparable, and Legendary. Higher quality Traceries have higher starting and/or maximum buffs.

For a complete list of all Traceries see the Legendary Items Index.

Tracery Types

There are four distinct types of Traceries each with its own corresponding slot in a Legendary Item.

Heraldric Traceries

Heraldric Traceries go into the first slot on a Legendary Item and provide buffs to a primary stat (Might, Agility, or Will), Vitality, and a secondary stat including Physical Mastery Rating, Tactical Mastery Rating, or Outgoing Healing Rating. Legendary Items include only a single Heraldric Tracery slot.

Word of Power Traceries

Word of Power Traceries provide buffs for a specific role - offense, defense, or healing. Although many Legendary Items will have multiple Word of Power Tracery slots, all Word of Power Traceries are Unique Use, meaning that only one of them can be equipped at a time (even across multiple Legendary Items).

Traceries that improve offense include buffs to either direct, AOE, or damage-over-time damage/criticals, number of AOE targets, range, and others. Traceries that improve defense include buffs to Morale, avoidance (Block/Parry/Evade), and mitigations. Traceries that improve healing include buffs to direct or AOE healing, healing-over-time, heal range, reduced induction time, and others.

Word of Mastery Traceries

Word of Mastery Traceries are class-specific and buff particular skills for each class in addition to providing a secondary stat buff. Like Word of Power Traceries, all Word of Mastery Traceries are Unique Use, so only one of each can be equipped at a time (even across multiple Legendary Items).

The skill buff amounts on Word of Mastery Traceries are based on the quality of the Tracery, while the stat buff amounts are based on the level and Item Level. Enhancement Runes applied to the Tracery to increase its Item Level will not effect skill buffs.

Word of Craft Traceries

Word of Craft Traceries buff a single secondary stat such as Physical Mastery Rating, Parry Rating, etc. They are therefore most similar to Essences. Since they are not Unique Use, multiple Word of Craft Traceries of the same type can be equipped simultaneously.

Some Word of Craft Traceries have set bonuses that apply when you equip multiples of the same Tracery. For example, equipping two "Ascendent Flame" Traceries will grant a Fire-type Damage buff, while equipping four of them will grant an additional Tactical Mastery Rating buff.

Obtaining Traceries

Traceries can be obtained either as drops from instances/raids, as quest rewards, via barter, or through the Reward Track. Higher tier instances increase the chances of dropping a higher quality Tracery. All slottable Traceries can be bartered for in Gobeth Teithian, the Archive of Traceries. Numerous barter vendors (appearing as bookcases) corresponding to the different types of Traceries are present in that location.

Per update 30.3.2 new Legendary Item drops from instances will now only be found when playing the instance in your character's general level range. These level ranges are 50-85, 86-100, 101-105, 106-115, 116-120, 121-130, and eventually 130 to 140. From level 101 and above, Incomparable and Legendary rarity drops will only be found when playing at the next level cap or higher! This means that a level 110 character must be running an instance at 115-119 difficulty and a level 130 character must run at 130-139 difficulty. These restrictions do not apply to quest or reward track rewards, only instance rewards.

The following table summarizes the barter costs for the various types and qualities of Traceries.

Tracery Type Tracery Quality Items to Barter
Uncommon 200 Ancient Script
Rare 600 Ancient Script
Incomparable 1,200 Ancient Script and a Shattered Tracery
Legendary 2,000 Ancient Script and a Cracked Tracery
Word of Power
Uncommon 150 Ancient Script
Rare 450 Ancient Script
Incomparable 900 Ancient Script and a Shattered Tracery
Legendary 1,500 Ancient Script and a Cracked Tracery
Word of Mastery
Uncommon 100 Ancient Script
Rare 300 Ancient Script
Incomparable 600 Ancient Script and a Shattered Tracery
Legendary 1,000 Ancient Script and a Cracked Tracery
Word of Craft
Uncommon 100 Ancient Script
Rare 300 Ancient Script
Incomparable 600 Ancient Script and a Shattered Tracery
Legendary 1,000 Ancient Script and a Cracked Tracery

Bartering for Incomparable and Legendary quality Traceries requires the following items, which can be obtained as quest rewards, in a Traveller's or Adventurer's Steel-bound Lootbox, or via Appraisal.

These can also be obtained by opening a Tracery Token, Incomparable or Tracery Token, Legendary box, when in the relevant level range. Those token boxes are earned from the Reward Track. Note that despite being called "Traceries", these are barter items and are not slottable on Legendary Items.

Level Range Incomparable Legendary
45-95  Shattered Khazad-dûm Tracery  Cracked Khazad-dûm Tracery
86-105  Shattered Rohirrim Tracery  Cracked Rohirrim Tracery
101-115  Shattered Gondorian Tracery  Cracked Gondorian Tracery
106-120  Shattered Ithilien Tracery  Cracked Ithilien Tracery
116-130  Shattered Ironfold Tracery  Cracked Ironfold Tracery
121-140  Shattered Morgul Tracery  Cracked Morgul Tracery
131-150  Shattered Gundabad Tracery  Cracked Gundabad Tracery
141-160  Shattered Umbari Tracery  Cracked Umbari Tracery

Slotting and Unslotting Traceries

The Legendary Item Panel

Traceries are slotted into a Legendary Item using the Legendary Item Panel which is opened by dragging the Legendary Item to the Socketed Equipment slot on the Character Panel or by Shift + Double-clicking the Item.

The Legendary Item Panel displays all information about the item including all of the available Tracery slots. To slot a Tracery into a Legendary Item, do one of the following:

  • Drag the Tracery to a corresponding slot in the panel (as you begin to drag the Tracery the appropriate slot(s) on the item will sparkle)
  • Double-click the Tracery in inventory (which will prompt for an LI in which to slot it)

If you slot a Tracery into a slot that already contains a Tracery, the existing Tracery will be destroyed and replaced by the new Tracery (you will receive a confirmation request for this). If you want to preserve an existing Tracery that's in the desired slot you must unslot it first.

To unslot a Tracery, do one of the following:

  • Click the Unslot Tracery button in the Legendary Item Panel next to the Tracery to unslot. This will cost 10 Mithril Coin .
  • Use a  Tracery Reclamation Scroll on the Legendary Item (which unslots all Traceries)

Traceries can only be placed into slots of their type: Heraldric, Word of Power, Word of Mastery, or Word of Craft. Also note that characters can only slot a Tracery if their character level falls between the Minimum and Maximum Levels of the Tracery.

Example: A character has an existing Legendary Item with an Uncommon-quality Tracery in its Heraldric Tracery slot. The character receives a better Rare-quality Heraldric Tracery that is an upgrade. Opening the Legendary Item Panel and dragging the new Rare-quality Tracery on top of the existing Tracery replaces it and improves its stats while preserving any Item Level increases that were previously applied with Enhancement Runes.

Tracery Advancement and Item Levels

All Traceries begin at a specific Item Level when first acquired. This Item Level can be raised by applying Enhancement Runes to the Tracery's slot. A Tracery's Item Level is capped at the Item Level of the Legendary Item in which it is slotted. As the Item Level increases on a Tracery, so do any stat buffs on the Tracery. Note that skill buffs on Word of Mastery Traceries are not increased with the Item Level: only the stat buffs are increased.

Example: A character reaches level 56 and decides to reforge its Legendary Melee Weapon. Upon reforging the Weapon becomes Item Level 60 and gains a Word of Power Tracery slot. The character is now able to slot a Word of Power Tracery on their Weapon and is able to increase the Item Level of all Traceries on the Weapon to 60, which will increase their stat buffs.

Item Level increases applied to a Tracery slot remain on the slot even if the Tracery is unslotted. If another Tracery is then slotted in that same slot, it will inherit the upgraded Item Level. The Item Level on the slot is visible in the Legendary Item Panel to the right of the slot while a Tracery is slotted (it will say "L-#/#", with the numbers indicating the current and maximum Item Level applied to that slot).

The following table summarizes the starting and maximum Item Levels that can be achieved for each level range of Tracery.

Level Range
Item Level
Item Level
1 45-95 51 125
4 86-105 126 200
7 101-115 201 299
9 106-120 300 349
11 116-130 350 399
13 121-140 400 499
14 131-150 450 499
15 141-160 500 549

Replacing Traceries

Since all Traceries have a Maximum Level, they must eventually be replaced as a character levels. Characters above a Tracery's Maximum Level will not benefit from the bonuses from that Tracery. Since the Minimum and Maximum levels of Traceries can overlap, it is easy to switch from one level range to another as a character is levelling.

Example: A level 115 character has a Legendary Item with several Traceries slotted. That character then levels to 116. The character will continue to benefit from the already slotted Traceries on their Legendary Item since those Traceries have a Maximum Level of 120. However, the character should then begin to replace the Traceries on their Item with Traceries in the 116-130 level range, making sure to replace them all before they progress beyond level 120.

To replace a Tracery, simply slot a Tracery in a higher level range, unslotting the existing Tracery if desired. Replacing a Tracery with one of a higher level range will immediately raise the Item Level of the Tracery regardless of the Item Level applied to the slot previously. Since all Traceries are Bound to Account (even after they've been slotted and unslotted), the unslotted Tracery could then be shared with another character on the Account.

Improving Traceries with Enhancement Runes

Enhancement Runes are items that are used on Traceries in order to increase their Item Level and improve their stats or buffs. Enhancement Runes function similar to how Heritage Runes functioned in the old Legendary Item system. Note that only stat bonuses on Traceries are improved with Enhancement Runes: skill buffs on Word of Power and Word of Mastery Traceries are not improved with Enhancement Runes and are based on the quality of the Tracery instead.

Enhancement Runes are available in different qualities (or rarities):

  • Uncommon,
  • Rare,
  • Incomparable,
  • and Epic.

For a complete list of Enhancement Runes see the Enhancement Rune Index.

Obtaining Enhancement Runes

Enhancement Runes can be acquired as quest rewards, drops from bosses in instances, or bartered for at Gobeth Teithian, the Archive of Traceries.

Applying Enhancement Runes

To apply an Enhancement Rune to a Tracery, first open the Legendary Item Panel by dragging the Legendary Item to the Socketed Equipment slot on the Character Panel or by Shift + Double-clicking the Item. Then drag an Enhancement Rune (or stack of Runes) onto the Tracery's slot in the panel. Each Enhancement Rune raises the Tracery's Item Level by one. Applying a stack of Enhancement Runes to the Tracery will display a prompt for how many Runes in the stack to apply (up to the Enhancement Limit described in the next section).

Enhancement Limits

Tracery Item Levels are capped at the Item Level of the Legendary Item in which they're slotted. Reforging a Legendary Item will increase its Item Level.

Enhancement Runes are limited in how high they can raise a Tracery's Item Level based on their quality and level (indicated by the "Enhancement Limit" on the Rune's tooltip). Uncommon quality have a lower Enhancement Limit than Rare quality Enhancement Runes, which similarly have a lower Enhancement Limit than Incomparable quality Enhancement Runes of the same level. Therefore, when applying Enhancement Runes to a Tracery, always start with the lowest quality Runes first.

Example: A level 130 character has a Legendary Item that is Item Level 449 and all of the Traceries on it have been enhanced to their maximum (Item Level 449, same as the Legendary Item). That character then levels to 131 and they reforge their Legendary Item, making it Item level 465. Now the Traceries on the Item can be enhanced to Item Level 465, so the character applies a stack of Uncommon-quality  Enhancement Runes, Lvl 131. Only eleven of the Runes are applied from the stack though, raising it to Item Level 460 (since the Enhancement Limit for the Uncommon-quality Rune is 460). In order to max out the Tracery the character must then apply five Rare-quality  Enhancement Runes, Lvl 131 or better to get it to Item Level 465.

See the Enhancement Rune Index for a list of all Enhancement Runes along with their Enhancement Limits.

Table of Legendary Items

Class One-handed Weapons Two-handed Weapons Class Items Traceries
Axe Club Dagger Hammer Mace Spear Staff Sword Battle-
Halberd Rune-

Legendary Item Stats by Item Level

The following table lists the inherent stats on each Legendary Item based on its Item Level.

Character Level Item Level One-handed
Tactical Damage
Tactical Healing
Incoming Healing
45-55 52 22 - 29 25.8 31 - 41 36.1 31 - 41 36.1 1.320 0.500 237
56-60 60 28 - 37 32.2 39 - 51 45.0 39 - 51 45.0 6.600 1.341 285
61-65 65 30 - 40 35.2 42 - 56 49.3 42 - 56 49.3 9.100 3.091 315
66-70 70 35 - 47 41.2 49 - 66 57.7 49 - 66 57.7 14.050 5.279 346
71-75 75 40 - 54 47.2 57 - 75 66.0 57 - 75 66.0 19.000 7.466 376
76-80 100 47 - 63 55.0 66 - 88 77.1 66 - 88 77.1 25.500 10.791 552
81-85 129 55 - 74 64.5 77 - 103 90.4 77 - 103 90.4 33.360 14.634 743
86-90 155 64 - 86 75.2 90 - 120 105.3 90 - 120 105.3 42.200 18.001 914
91-95 175 72 - 95 83.5 100 - 134 116.8 100 - 134 116.8 49.000 20.591 1045
96-99 190 82 - 109 95.8 115 - 153 134.1 115 - 153 134.1 59.200 28.466 1144
100 200 89 - 119 104.0 125 - 166 145.6 125 - 166 145.6 66.000 33.716 1210
101-104 215 105 - 140 122.2 147 - 195 171.0 147 - 195 171.0 81.000 42.665 1450
105 250 112 - 149 130.6 157 - 209 182.9 157 - 209 182.9 88.000 46.841 1663
106-110 315 131 - 174 152.6 183 - 244 213.6 183 - 244 213.6 106.653 58.520 1963
111-115 349 149 - 198 173.6 208 - 278 243.0 208 - 278 243.0 124.000 73.091 2400
116-119 365 170 - 227 198.7 238 - 318 278.2 238 - 318 278.2 144.735 87.484 2820
120 399 186 - 248 217.2 261 - 347 304.1 261 - 347 304.1 160.000 92.341 3000
121-125 415 217 - 290 253.7 304 - 406 355.1 304 - 406 355.1 190.551 117.055 3798
126-130 449 247 - 329 288.1 346 - 461 403.3 346 - 461 403.3 219.000 141.341 4540
131-135 465 301 - 402 351.6 422 - 563 492.3 422 - 563 492.3 272.694 202.127 6385
136-140 499 371 - 495 433.1 520 - 693 606.3 520 - 693 606.3 340.000 288.341 9070
141-150 515 456 - 608 532.2 639 - 852 745.1 639 - 852 745.1 422.857 410.841 12935
  1. Applies only to Legendary Weapons for Lore-masters, Minstrels, and Rune-keepers.
  2. Applies only to Legendary Class Items for Beornings, Captains, Lore-masters, Minstrels, Rune-keepers, and Warden Javelins.
  3. Applies only to Legendary Class Items for Brawlers, Burglars, Champions, and Guardians.

Converting Old Legendary Items

Here is a summary of the process to recover Ancient Script, Enhancement Runes, and Shattered/Cracked Traceries from old Legendary Items:

  1. Make sure you have empty space in Inventory to receive the items granted through Appraisal (Ancient Script will go into your Barter Wallet).
  2. Open the old Legendary Items panel by clicking the ^ at the left end of your hotbar and selecting Legendary Items from the menu.
  3. Select the Legendary Item's tab and select the Appraise Item button on the lower right. The Ancient Script and Shattered/Cracked Traceries to be granted will be displayed.
  4. Click the Claim button to accept the Ancient Script, Enhancement Runes, and Shattered/Cracked Traceries. Even though Ancient Script has a cap of 10,000, Appraisal will allow you to go over this cap.
  5. After Appraisal, the old Legendary Item can still be equipped and used. However, all old Legendary Items can no longer be improved or levelled, so eventually using new Legendary Items will be optimal (you can still apply Legacy Replacement Scrolls to old Legendary Items however).
  6. You can Appraise old Legendary Items at any time but it can be completed only once for each old Legendary Item.

Known Issues

Characters stuck in the Vol. II, Book 1 Epic Quest The Walls of Moria

If your character received their first Legendary Item by completing the quest [50] Vol. II, Book 1, Chapter 9: A Weapon of the Elder Days under the old Legendary Item system but did not complete the quest [50] Vol. II, Book 1, Chapter 11: Forged Anew, then you are unable to progress the quest chain under the new Legendary Item system and can neither access Moria nor pass the door of the Archive of Traceries. The official solution to this problem is to get the attention of a GM and have them help you.

Unofficially, another player can summon you (a Captain or anyone using a consumable rally horn) directly into the Archive of Traceries, where you can exchange 200 Ancient Script for a new Legendary Item that can be used to advance the Chapter 11: Forged Anew quest. You can get the 200 Ancient Script (which are Bound to Account) through any of the following means:

  • Appraising your old Legendary Items
  • Disenchanting items from the old Legendary Item system that grant Ancient Script, such as Scrolls of Empowerment
  • Using another character on your account that has already completed the quest chain (by Appraising old Legendary Items or disenchanting items that grant Ancient Script)
  • Running another character through the Vol. II, Book 1 quest chain and disenchanting Traceries.
Legendary Item tooltips have incomplete information
When viewing the tooltip for a Legendary Item that was linked into chat or visible via inspecting a player, the tooltip may not have complete information on all Traceries. The information should be considered to be inaccurate for now.

Legendary Bridles

There are Legendary Bridles as a holdover from the previous Legendary Item system. They are not currently identifiable nor equippable unless they were identified prior to update 30.3. Even if a Legendary Bridle is equippable it cannot be advanced since it is not part of the new Legendary Item system. There have been no announcements from SSG on timelines for incorporating Bridles into the new Legendary Item system (see [1] for details). As an interim solution there are Legendary Bridles with fixed attributes. They are available for the Levels 75, 85, 95 and 100 at Eastemnet Miscellany Quartermasters.


There are many examples of Legendary Items in Tolkien's works, including:

Other named Legendary Items in the Lord of the Rings Online include:

Other Legendary Items existed in Middle-earth throughout the ages; a more complete listing can be found on Wikipedia.

See Also

Following is a list of external sites with guides on the new Legendary Item system and converting old Legendary Items.