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Welcome to Project:World, which concerns Lands, Regions, Settlements, Maps, Locations and more.


When adding a new Region or Area to the Wiki, begin with the information at Create new location.

Select an appropriate boilerplate and fill in the details.
For examples, see Ered Luin or The Shire, East Rohan and West Rohan.
  • Generally speaking, when a new Area is begun (i.e. when Turbine releases an Update), the "hierarchy" of page creation for a new area has been...
  1. Preparatory
    • Update the Regional page
    • Create the Regional Template
    • Create the Area Template
    • Create the new Category hierarchy
  1. Create the new Area page
  2. Quests in the area - now in "gated" order
  3. Main town (typically the first town encountered)
  4. Main town NPCs
  5. Settlements
  6. Creatures
  7. Locations and everything else
  • Deeds
  • Titles
  • Factions
  • Individual authors naturally go where their interest lead them. However, the basic pattern is -- I'll record "stuff" as I Level-up.


Articles found in the Geography category tree:


Project plans, such as things that will be done soon and how they'll be done.



Work In Progress

List of articles or sections that are currently being worked on.


List of completed articles, sections etc.

Things To Do

List of things (articles, sections etc.) that still need to be created/worked on.

  • Implement a template+boilerplate for Points-of-Interest that do not qualify as Landmarks.
  • Find a format for instance-versus-location pages which are/aren't locations.