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Areas-icon.png   N&S Barrow-downs
Region: Bree-land
Areas: Northern Barrow-downs
Southern Barrow-downs
The ridge between N and S Barrow-downs


The Barrow-downs is actually two areas in the southern Bree-land, each with their own maps and related contents.

These haunted areas are located in a valley found between two mountain ridges against the western Old Forest and the eastern Vale of Vale of Andrath. The two areas are somewhat different, but essentially it is about levels where the southern area is harder. There are three ways of entering the valley:

The Northern Barrows Pass
Follow the road south into the valley from the Bree-fields. [29S, 55W]
The road is found half way between Bree and Adso's Camp, south of some ruins along the main-way.
The Old Barrows Road
Begins at Tom Bombadil's House in the Old Forest and leading north, past a camp with stranded Bree-folk.
A semi-secret crypt
Known only by a few this crypt leads through ridge between Andrath and Southern Barrow-downs, guarded by some wights.
Andrath [34.9S, 53.1W] [35.0S, 53.7W] Southern Barrow-downs

NOTICE: Haudh Iarchith is somewhat peculiar as it is a tomb and also a collective name for several tombs, see "remarks" at its page.

Areas & Maps

There are two large areas in the Barrow-downs, each with their lore and adventures:

Northern Barrow-downs

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Southern Barrow-downs

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The Barrow-downs is named "Tyrn Gorthad" in Sindarin, from "torn" for "burial mound" and "gorthad" for "of buried". The Race of Man inhabited these hills already during the First Age and until the Second Age when also Dúnedain from Númenor arrived. With Elendil these hills and monoliths came under the reign of Arnor and soon the Barrow-downs became capital of Cardolan. These were the days before Arthedain failed to win all of Arnor and to rebuild Cardolan, before the Witch-king of Angmar sent his wights, and before Rhudaur fell for his power.
Not too long ago, on September 28, III 3018, the unarmed Frodo and his fellowship were trapped by a barrow-wight, near the cairn over The Last Prince of Cardolan. Luckily Tom Bombadil heard his cry, came to their rescue, and bestowed them swords for protection.

Settlements, Areas and Landmarks of the Barrow-downs
Areas: Northern Barrow-downsSouthern Barrow-downs
Landmarks: The Barrow of OrronThe Dead Man's PerchThe Dead SpireNorthern BarrowsNorthern Barrows PassOld Barrows RoadOst Gorthad
Interiors: The Barrow of RingdorThe Barrow of TaradanGoethamGwanthamHaudh IarchithHaudh MethernilHaudh NogbennHaudh TaenthondHauthamTomb of Maenadar
Instances: The Great Barrow