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Image of Astiul
Gender Male
Race Man
Region Evendim
Area Parth Aduial
Settlement Tinnudir
Map Ref [12.6S, 67.2W]


Astiul is found at Tinnudir, in Evendim. Visitors must gain his trust in order to prove their loyalty to Calenglad. And he is the Task-master of Tinnudir and is rewarding completed tasks with increased reputation with the Wardens of Annúminas.

He also appears in the Epic Instance: Remembrance.

Quest Involvement


"I am sorting out the bits of pottery and other things I have found."
"Every few days, I walk along Tinnudir to find any relics that might have washed ashore."
"Calenglad is the only one of us to ever see Gwindeth."
"What's this? Relics stolen by the robbers, you say?"
"You have been a great help to me, <name>."
"I hope the tomb-robbers did not cause you much trouble."