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Naming Conventions

In LOTRO, and at there are two terms used to refer to enemies. While often used interchangeably, consistent usage on the Wiki is defined by:
  • At Lotro-Wiki, use "Mob" when referring to enemies encountered INSIDE an Instance or Dungeon.
  • At Lotro-Wiki, use "Creature" when referring to enemies OUTSIDE an instance, prowling the landscape
LOTRO Threat Indicator
A third term: Non-player Character (or NPC), is used to describe characters which are not aggressive toward the Player Character, but who may be toward others.
A "guard" is a typical NPC who will attack any approaching Creature or MOB, but who will ignore Player Characters and their allies.

Generic, Computer Gaming Usage

Back in the early days of on-line gaming called MUD -- Multi User Dungeons -- the term "Mob" derived from shorthand usage to describe a "Mobile" or "Mobile OBject" as opposed to a static object. That object was usually, but not always, a hostile enemy or "monster." Today, those Mobs would be called "Pathers" as they are moving in some computer described, usually repetitive and therefore predictable, path. [1]
  • In MMOs today, the term Mob has come to be a generic term describing any enemy -- static or moving -- that can be attacked by a player; a hostile, computer-controlled, non-player character (NPC). Depending upon the game, all such characters in a game may be referred to as "mobs"; or usage of the term may be limited to hostile NPCs and/or NPCs vulnerable to attack. The various terms are frequently used interchangeably by players simply to describe any animal or race or creature in the game who will attack you. The distinction is more often simply player jargon whose usage varies from player to player than any actual difference.
Also, in MMOs today and especially LOTRO, enemies don't have to be mobile. They frequently simply lie in wait for the unsuspecting player to approach or may be completely invisible until the unsuspecting player is attacked. Enemies may be aggressive or neutral, social or single, beast or humanoid, dumb or 'intelligent'.
  • Creatures on landscape generally have a threat radius of seven meters (less in Rohan), and show a white indicator overhead when they become aware of a nearby player and are preparing to attack.