The Ale Association

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The Ale Association
Region: Ered Luin
Area: Thorin's Gate
Settlement: Thorin's Hall
The Ale Association Interior.jpg

The Ale Association is found in the basement of Thorin's Hall, entered via the Thorin's Hall Inn.


Founded by a furious Dwarf. The Ale Association feels deeply offended that the Inn League has had such wild success despite the lack of influence from the Dwarves.


Ale Association Leader: Jónar

Ale Association Acquaintance Trader: Lar

Ale Association Kindred Trader: Gapi

Gaining Reputation

Reputation quests are only available during Festivals.

Introductory Quest

To show their support for the Dwarven drinking association, players may complete The Ale Association Challenge quest series at the Prancing Pony in Bree. The initial challenge is given by Andri in Thorin's Hall Inn, who directs you to speak with Bjarni in The Prancing Pony in Bree.

The final quest of The Ale Association Challenge series (The Ale Association Challenge: The Stone Quarter) gives 1,200 reputation for completing it plus a one-time bonus of 10,000 reputation, and the deed granting the title of "Ale Association Member."

General Quests

After completing the initial challenge, players can re-attempt the The Ale Association Challenge series, which is essentially the same as the initial challenge, but is repeatable once a day and grants 1,200 reputation with the Ale Association each time the series is completed (and will also leave your character befuddled from drink for a bit).

Other Quests

Jónar, the founder of the Ale Association, will happily assign several "spoiler" quests (repeatable once every 16 hours), the objective of each being to ruin some aspect of the Inn League. Completing each of these quests will grant faction with the Ale Association (and a loss of faction with the Inn League), as well as a Badge of Dishonour.

During the Harvest Festival, you can speak with Ráthgeir near the the Haunted Burrow, who will give you a quest to scare several hobbits who are lost in the burrow.

Delivery Quests

Ale Association Tavern Keeps are helping Jónar ruin the Inn League. They want you to fetch an Inn League member a drink from far away within a time limit - but not the drink they want. Instead, you're to procure something completely unlike what they want, and disguise it as their desired beverage.

Unlike Inn League quests you must first get the quest from an Ale Association Tavern Keep, then travel to the pickup location and obtain the item (you do not have to purchase it), and finally travel to the delivery location. You are given an hour (60 minutes) to complete each quest. Each completion gives +900 reputation for the Ale Association, -500 reputation for the Inn League, and a Badge of Dishonour.

The delivery quests can be repeated daily; after finishing a quest, selecting the Ale Association Tavern Keep again will tell you how many hours you must wait.

Quest Fake Drink (Desired Drink) Pickup Location Delivery Location
[15] All But the Good Cider Fake Stars of Old Cider (Forsaken Cider) The Forsaken Inn, Lone Lands Brockenborings, The Shire
[15] Never Further From Home Fake Limael's Vintage (Isenwine) The Prancing Pony, Bree Thornley's Work Site, Bree-Land
[15] One Drink Too Few Fake Forsaken Ale (Barliman's Best) The Prancing Pony, Bree Thrasi's Lodge, Ered Luin
[20] Quite a Tickle Fake Thistlebelly Brew (Small Beer) Thorin's Hall Inn, Ered Luin Ost Haer, Lone-lands
[25] A Bit of White Fake Blagrove's Brown (Whitebranch) The Ivy Bush, The Shire Oatbarton, Evendim
[25] Bombur's Breath Fake Bombur's Beard Lager (Green Dragon's Breath Ale) The Green Dragon, The Shire Othrikar, North Downs
[30] A Different Reminder of Rivendell Fake Dorwinion White (Dorwinion Red) The Last Homely House, The Trollshaws Refuge of Edhelion, Ered Luin
[35] A Drink of the Best Character Fake Swill (Mead) The Plough and Stars Inn, The Shire Aughaire, Angmar
[35] A Convoluted Wine Fake Brandy Wine (Old Winyards) The Bird and Baby Inn, The Shire Echad Candelleth, The Trollshaws
[45] A Dark Prank Fake Moor-boar Beer (Toad's Tongue Ale) The Floating Log Inn, The Shire Zigilgund, Forochel
[45] Not Atli's Favourite Fake Beakbreaker Ale (1404 Vintage Reserve) The Green Dragon, The Shire Hrimbarg, Misty Mountains

Reputation Barter Items

None known

Mobs Defeated

None known


Click [-] to contract a list of deeds.

Crafting Quests

None known



Receive the title The Sinister (Be careful -- you are starting to take after a certain sinister, hobbit-hating dwarf.)

You may also trade in Badges of Dishonour for festival tokens from Lar.

Item to Receive Items to Trade
Box 7 (store)-icon.png Box of Festival Tokens Badge of Dishonour-icon.png 2 Badges of Dishonour
3Deluxe Stink Bomb-icon.png Deluxe Stink Bombs Badge of Dishonour-icon.png Badge of Dishonour


Receive the title Abuser of Amusement (You are not on a very good path.)


Receive the title The Great Saboteur (Did you know that you're not very nice?)


Receive the title Creep (In reaching kindred status with the Ale Association, you have demonstrated that you definitely play for the wrong side.)

You may also trade in Badges of Dishonour for the following items from Gapi.

Item to Receive Items to Trade
Tunic and Pants 1-icon.png Dwarf-make Waistcoat Badge of Dishonour-icon.png 5 Badges of Dishonour
Tunic and Pants 1-icon.png Fine Waistcoat Badge of Dishonour-icon.png 5 Badges of Dishonour
Ale Association Robe-icon.png Ale Association Robe Badge of Dishonour-icon.png 5 Badges of Dishonour
Defiled Inn League Keg-icon.png Defiled Inn League Keg Badge of Dishonour-icon.png 5 Badges of Dishonour
Defiled Inn League Statue-icon.png Defiled Inn League Statue Badge of Dishonour-icon.png 5 Badges of Dishonour
Hooded Cloak 2 (Cosmetic)-icon.png Hooded Cloak of the Ale Association Badge of Dishonour-icon.png 10 Badges of Dishonour
Cloak 1 (Cosmetic)-icon.png Cloak of the Ale Association Badge of Dishonour-icon.png 10 Badges of Dishonour
Prized Ale Association Goat (barter)-icon.png Prized Ale Association Goat Badge of Dishonour-icon.png 20 Badges of Dishonour

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