Anlaf the Forlorn

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Anlaf the Forlorn
Image of Anlaf the Forlorn
Role Tavern Keep
Gender Male
Race Man
Region Lone-lands
Area Annunlos
Settlement The Forsaken Inn
Map Ref [34.0S, 40.7W]


Anlaf the Forlorn is the Tavern Keep of the Forsaken Inn, in the Lone-lands. He sells local drinks, Provisioner stuff, and Healer potions and salves. His name is old English for "Ancient Heirloom".

Quest Involvement


Special Drinks
Item Cost
 Forsaken Ale 1 Silver 60 Copper 
 Forsaken Cider 3 Silver 20 Copper 
 Swill 1 Silver 60 Copper 
Provisioner Items
Item Cost
 Dry Rations 48 Copper 
 Hard Rations 1 Silver 12 Copper 
 Rich Rations 1 Silver 60 Copper 
 Simple Rations Copper 
 Tasty Rations 2 Silver 20 Copper 
Healer Items
Item Cost
 Lesser Conhuith Draught 40 Copper 
 Lesser Healing Draught 40 Copper 
 Lesser Lhinestad Draught 40 Copper 
 Lesser Milkthistle Draught 40 Copper 
 Lesser Conhuith Salve 40 Copper 
 Lesser Healing Salve 40 Copper 
 Lesser Lhinestad Salve 40 Copper 
 Lesser Milkthistle Salve 40 Copper 
 Simple Conhuith Draught 1 Silver 
 Simple Healing Draught 1 Silver 
 Simple Lhinestad Draught 1 Silver 
 Simple Milkthistle Draught 1 Silver 
 Simple Conhuith Salve 1 Silver 
 Simple Healing Salve 1 Silver 
 Simple Lhinestad Salve 1 Silver 
 Simple Milkthistle Salve 1 Silver 
 Greater Conhuith Draught 3 Silver 
 Greater Healing Draught 3 Silver 
 Greater Lhinestad Draught 3 Silver 
 Greater Milkthistle Draught 3 Silver 
 Greater Conhuith Salve 3 Silver 
 Greater Healing Salve 3 Silver 
 Greater Lhinestad Salve 3 Silver 
 Greater Milkthistle Salve 3 Silver 
 Refined Conhuith Draught 5 Silver 
 Refined Healing Draught 5 Silver 
 Refined Lhinestad Draught 5 Silver 
 Refined Milkthistle Draught 5 Silver 
 Refined Conhuith Salve 5 Silver 
 Refined Healing Salve 5 Silver 
 Refined Lhinestad Salve 5 Silver 
 Refined Milkthistle Salve 5 Silver 
 Distilled Conhuith Draught 10 Silver 
 Distilled Healing Draught 10 Silver 
 Distilled Lhinestad Draught 10 Silver 
 Distilled Milkthistle Draught 10 Silver 
 Distilled Conhuith Salve 10 Silver 
 Distilled Healing Salve 10 Silver 
 Distilled Lhinestad Salve 10 Silver 
 Distilled Milkthistle Salve 10 Silver 


"Are you going on about that blood-drinking ghost again, Adwold?"