Harvest Festival

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Each race knows it by a different name
Harvest Festival for Hobbits
Harvestmath for Men
Autumnfest for Dwarves
Iavasmereth for Elves
Everywhere you turn in Middle-earth,
The fall season is in full colours,
Harvest Festival means harvesting, dancing,
Drinking, fun games, and trick or treating!

Leaves are turning colours, the air is growing crisp, tricks and treats are ready, and in Middle-earth that means - Harvestmath is here! This year the festival is back and better than ever before. Become a Patron of the Festival and join the fun with new quests, new deeds, and new rewards. Plus, journey beneath the Party Tree and discover the Haunted Burrow. Don't miss out on the spookiest party of the year!


Scheduled dates
2024: October 10 - November 4
Previous Dates
2023: October 12 - November 2
2022: October 12 - November 2
2021: October 13 - November 2
2020: October 28 - November 30 (originally scheduled October 8 – November 2)
2019: October 15 – November 11
2018: November 28 – December 9
2018: October 17 – November 6
2017: November 30 – December 10
2017: October 11 – November 5
2016: October 18 – November 3
2015: October 23 – November 2
2014: October 21 – November 2
2013: October 22 – November 4
2012: September 24 – October 14
2011: October 19 – November 7
2010: ? – November 15
2009: ? – ?
2008: September 26 – October 12
2007: October 26 – November 11
  • For details about the content of festivals in previous years, use the page history.

Festival Grounds


The Haunted Burrow

Main article: The Haunted Burrow

The Haunted Burrow is a spooky, fun-filled house of scary sights and sounds. It is only available during the Harvest Festival and accessible after completing the short quest series starting with A Cellar Door Appears and ending with The Haunted Burrow. Along with daily quests which reward Fall Festival Tokens, there are many other hidden surprises to be found within!


Main article: Wistmead

Wistmead is a closed location accessed exclusively during the Harvest Festival, introduced in 2018. It is accessible via a horse near Bingo Boffin[29.8S, 71.2W] during the Festival. It is not accessible during other times.

Set up by a team of hobbits from Hobbiton and Bywater in the span of roughly 2 weeks, the area's main attraction is the large wheat maze dotting the center of the clearing. The ruined structures suggest that the woods were once inhabited long ago.


Mini Games

Try your hand at games such as Geode-hunting, Scroll-grabbing, Apple Bobbing & Pumpkin Picking. You can participate in each mini-game once each hour.

Troves and Trickery

Main article: Troves and Trickery

Troves and Trickery are quests available during the Harvest Festival with the aim of provoking certain NPCs using appropriate emotes on them. The rewards for these quests include festival mask tokens which are different for each location. For instance, a reward for Troves and Trickery -- Thorin's Hall is a Dwarf Mask Token which can be turned in for a Bucket Festival Mask.

General Festival Events

Festival Dances

Main article: Dance of the Races

During all seasonal Festivals, Dance Leaders will teach characters up to eight special racial dances (two from each Race) by completing dance lessons. There is one Dance Leader located in each of the festival grounds of Thorin's Hall Inn and the Festival Garden in Ered Luin, The Party Tree in the Shire, and the Festival Grounds in Bree-land.

Dance lessons take place approximately every 20 minutes, and the quests are available for about 5 minutes before the dance begins. As of U20, the quest start times are random.

When the Dance Leader starts, target the leader and follow their instructions using the commands /dance1, /dance2, or /dance3 as they instruct you. The time to perform each step decreases with the quest's progression.

At the end of the lesson, the Dance Leader returns to their original position and you are able to select your reward: either the first or second dance emote from that race. Complete the lessons again to learn all the dances! You can do one (successful) dance per day for each race.

Festival Horse Races

Main article: Festival Horse Races

The Bree Derby

Each festival brings exciting horse races to the Shire Race-track and the Bree-land Festival Grounds. By completing a race in time, players can win festival tokens which can be exchanged for festival rewards.

A Bit of Drinking

Main articles: The Inn League and The Ale Association

The Inn League and The Ale Association are looking for a few good drinkers to cause mischief at the smug inns of the realm. Raise a mug and check out the available quests and rewards!

In addition to these regular seasonal quests, the Inn League is looking for some vintage wine in the Haunted Burrow and the Ale Association wants to play tricks on some of the already scared hobbits.



Harvest Festival NPCs

Bree-land - Festival Grounds

Ered Luin - The Festival Garden

The Shire - The Party Tree

Festival Items

Fall Festival Traders

Fall Festival Traders are found at:


Games Masters

Barterer: Bess Forester (Festival Grounds, in Bree-land)

Item to Receive Items to Trade
Fall Festival Token  Small Pumpkin
2 Fall Festival Tokens  Medium Pumpkin
3 Fall Festival Tokens  Large Pumpkin
 Beaver Festival Mask  Man Mask Token 12 Fall Festival Tokens

Barterer: Dýri (Thorin's Hall Inn in Ered Luin)

Item to Receive Items to Trade
Fall Festival Token  Cracked Geode
2 Fall Festival Tokens  Pristine Geode
3 Fall Festival Tokens  Faultless Geode
 Bucket Festival Mask  Dwarf Mask Token 12 Fall Festival Tokens

Barterer: Malenfas (Duillond in Ered Luin)

Item to Receive Items to Trade
Fall Festival Token  Unimpressive Scroll
2 Fall Festival Tokens  Well-written Scroll
3 Fall Festival Tokens  Elegant Scroll
 Rabbit Festival Mask  Elf Mask Token 12 Fall Festival Tokens

Barterer: Sawlo Puddifoot (The Party Tree in the Shire)

Item to Receive Items to Trade
Fall Festival Token  Small Apple
2 Fall Festival Tokens  Medium Apple
3 Fall Festival Tokens  Large Apple
 Pumpkin Festival Mask  Hobbit Mask Token 12 Fall Festival Tokens

Harvest Provisioners

Other items

Item to Receive Notes
 Aged Deed Grants the Painted Skeleton Steed

Only found in the Poorly Hidden Chest

 Sign: Danger! Found as a random drop within the Haunted Burrow
 Sign: Roar! Found as a random drop within the Haunted Burrow
 Sign: Turn back... Found as a random drop within the Haunted Burrow

Appearance Transformations

Barterer: Mogo Bracegirdle

Item to Receive Items to Trade
 Guise of Gandalf the Grey 50 Mithril Coins
 Guise of Gandalf the White 75 Mithril Coins
 Guise of Goldberry 50 Mithril Coins
 Guise of Tom Bombadil 125 Mithril Coins
 Guise of Durin VI 50 Mithril Coins
 Guise of Karazgar 50 Mithril Coins
 Guise of Saruman 75 Mithril Coins
 Guise of Gollum 75 Mithril Coins
3 Basic Costume Grab-bags  Fall Festival Token
 Doormat in a Box 24 Fall Festival Tokens
 Guise of Skorgrím Dourhand 25 Mithril Coins
 Guise of Sara Oakheart 25 Mithril Coins
 Guise of Amarthiel 50 Mithril Coins
 Guise of Mordirith 50 Mithril Coins
 Guise of the Witch-king of Angmar 100 Mithril Coins



Cosmetic Pets




Musical Instruments

Appearance Transformations

Basic Costume Grab-bag Appearances

Mithril Coin Item Purchased Appearances