Haudh Taenthond

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Haudh Taenthond
Type: Tomb
Region: Bree-land
Area: Northern Barrow-downs
Location: [30.3S, 56.1W]
Haudh Taenthond Interior.jpg

Haudh Taenthond is a small Public Dungeon and landmark. Its a tomb in the Northern Barrows. [30.3S, 56.1W]

This is the west-most of two tombs that can be entered within this cluster of graves. Several wights and spiders may be found inside, which may drop barrow-shards. It is also famous for having several Ancient Pillars which are of interest for their lore.


Haudh Taenthond Entrance



The following creatures are found within this area:


Map of Haudh Taenthond


Main chamber within Haudh Taenthond Brambles encroach from the ceiling in this chamber Ivy growing from the ceiling makes a strangely beautiful chamber

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