Haudh Nogbenn

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Haudh Nogbenn
Type: Tombs
Region: Bree-land
Area: Northern Barrow-downs
Location: [33.0S, 55.4W]
Haudh Nogbenn Hallway.jpg


Haudh Nogbenn is a tiny Public Dungeon and landmark and a tomb within the Northern Barrow-downs in Bree-land. [33.0S, 55.4W] This tomb is located in a hollow in the south-western section, below the hump over to the southern barrows and the ridges and trees of the Old Forest. The tomb consists of a hallway and 2 chambers and there are two instances:

  • The level [20] instance is a public dungeon, looking fairly simple this tomb can challenge the unwary, Brishzel is not exactly a pet dog. Still it attacks adventurers gathering barrow grave-moss
  • The level [108] instance is accessed by examining the dropped and battered shield during the quest Quest:Chapter 2.1: Heirloom of Cardolan.


Haudh Nogbenn Entrance



The following creatures are found within the level [20] instance:

Barghest.png Brishzel
The following creatures are found within the level [108] instance:



Map of Haudh Nogbenn


Eastern chamber within Haudh Nogbenn Brazier lit western chamber