Bree-town Hall

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Bree-town Hall
Region: Bree-land
Settlement: Bree
Location: [31.1S, 51.2W]
Bree-town Hall.jpg

Bree-town Hall is an interior and a landmark within Bree in Bree-land. [31.1S, 51.2W]

It is located in the eastern part of town, at the crossroads of the Great East Road, the road to Staddle, and local alleys. The great road runs past the northern Market Square and Trader's Gate and continues south via the Woodsmen's Gate and South Gate beyond. The western alleys connects to Jasmine's Garden as well as past High Stair and the Stone Quarter beyond.

The town-hall itself provides several services such as a Clerk of Kinships and a Notary, quest givers, and more. Mayor Graeme Tenderlach is found in his office at the first floor.

The Bree-town Hall Courtyard hosts the southern Weapons and Armour Shop and the Bree-town Jail with its class trainers.


Bree-town Jail
Weapons and Armour Shop

Civic Facilities



NPC Function
HumanF.png Bonnie Milkweed Notary
HumanM.png Walt Hollytree Clerk of Kinships
HumanM.png Mayor Graeme Tenderlarch Quest
Human.png Watcher


NPC Function Coords
ElfF.png Northel Explorer of Eregion - Quest [31.1S, 50.8W]
HumanF.png Tad Ashmead Quest [31.3S, 51.1W]
HumanF.png Blacksmith
Human.png Townsperson
Human.png Watcher


Bree-town Hall Courtyard


The following creatures are found at this area during skirmishes:


Vestibule on the ground floor Mayor's office on the 2nd floor Guard's quarters upstairs Meeting hall on the ground floor