Brawler Tracery Index

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Tracery Skill Attribute(s) Values Trait Tree(s) Stat Attribute Values
Backhand Clout Targets & Damage Backhand Clout Targets
Backhand Clout Damage
Physical Mastery Rating +276-22400
Basic Attack Damage Set-up Skill Damage +28-38.5% Physical Mastery Rating +276-22400
Battle-wise Mettle Chance Battle-wise Mettle Chance +12-16.5% The Fundament Critical Rating +289-23500
Brawler Melee Range Brawler Melee Range +0.56-0.77 Finesse Rating +340-27700
Come At Me Cooldown & Mayhem Bubble Come At Me Cooldown
Morale Bubble Strength
The Fulcrum Vitality +24-2360
Finishing Attack Damage Finisher Skill Damage +20-27.5% Finesse Rating +340-27700
Fist of the Valar Cooldown & Damage Fist of the Valar Cooldown
Fist of the Valar Damage
The Maelstrom Might +30-3000
Fulgurant Strike Cooldown & Damage Fulgurant Strike Cooldown Reduction
Fulgurant Strike Damage
Critical Rating +289-23500
Get Serious Duration & Damage Buff Get Serious Buff Duration
Get Serious Damage Buff Effect
Critical Rating +289-23500
Helm-crusher Cooldown Helm-crusher Cooldown -4.8-6.6 Physical Mastery Rating +276-22400
Hurl Object Cooldown & Damage Hurl Object Cooldown
Hurl Object Damage
Critical Rating +289-23500
Ignore Pain Cooldown & Dispel Count Ignore Pain Dispel Count
Ignore Pain Cooldown
Incoming Healing Rating +340-36600
Innate Strength: Criticals/Mitigation Set-up Buff Duration: Mitigation/Critical
Set-up Buff Effect: Mitigation/Critical
Tactical Mitigation +313-27600
Innate Strength: Damage/Threat Set-up Buff Duration: Damage/Threat
Set-up Buff Effect: Damage/Threat
Might +30-3000
Innate Strength: Finesse/Avoidance Set-up Buff Duration: Avoidance/Finesse
Set-up Buff Effect: Avoidance/Finesse
Evade Rating +340-30000
Innate Strength: Skill Cooldowns Set-up Skill Cooldowns -0.16-0.22 Physical Mastery Rating +276-22400
Joy of Battle Cooldown & Effects Joy of Battle Cooldown
Joy of Battle Offensive Strength
Joy of Battle Heal Strength
Vitality +24-2360
Latent Light Proc Chance & Damage Chance to trigger Latent Light
Latent Light Damage
The Maelstrom Tactical Mitigation +313-27600
Mettle Shield Defence Mettle Shield Strength +24-33% The Fulcrum Vitality +24-2360
Mighty Upheaval Knockdown & Damage Mighty Upheaval Knockdown Chance
Mighty Upheaval Damage
Might +30-3000
One For All Cooldown One For All Cooldown -24-33 Incoming Healing Rating +340-36600
Plant Feet Cooldown & Mitigation Plant Feet Cooldown
Plant Feet Mitigation
The Fulcrum Vitality +24-2360
Quick Feint Cooldown & Evasion Buff Quick Feint Cooldown
Feint Evade Bonus
Evade Rating +340-30000
Share Skills Cooldown Share Skills Cooldown -32-44 The Fundament Vitality +24-2360
Shattering Fist Armour Debuff & Damage Shattering Fist Armour Debuff
Shattering Fist Damage
The Maelstrom Critical Rating +289-23500


  • Only Stat Attributes increase in value from Enhancement Runes. Skill Attributes do not increase in value.
  • Values for Skill Attributes range from the value on an Uncommon quality Tracery to the value on a Legendary quality Tracery.
  • Values for Stat Attributes range from the value on an unenhanced level 45-95 Tracery (Item Level 51) to the value on an unenhanced level 131-150 Tracery (Item Level 450).

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