Southern Barrow-downs

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Areas-icon.png Southern Barrow-downs
Region: Bree-land
Dungeon(s): Goetham
Haudh Iarchith
Tomb of Maenadar
The Great Barrow
  – The Maze
  – Thadúr
  – Sambrog
Landmark(s): Ost Gorthad
Northern Barrow-downs
Levels: Mainly 20 - 24
Resource tier: Journeyman
Southern Barrow-downs.jpg

Southern Barrow-downs is an area within Bree-land in the southern region.

This area lies south of the Northern Barrow-downs. Travel here from the north over a central ridge that is separating the two areas. However, just north of Ost Gorthad is a crypt that leads through the mountain to Andrath. The northern section mainly contains waights and barghests, however, further south the ground sinks into marshes and there angry bears and wretched oaks (possibly from the Old Forest to the west) threatens any adventurers.

Since long this area contained a public dungeon for gaining reputation with the Men of Bree. However, with the Free to Play it was split and scattered as many smaller tombs in the northern as well as southern areas; see Haudh Iarchith and Haudh Iarchith (F2P) for details but remember that today Haudh Iarchith generally means any of these smaller tombs.

Some tombs and all of the overground creatures are aimed at levels 22 - 24, but other tombs are designed for medium level characters and yet others are instances that may be set from level 20 and upwards.


The Great Barrow

These landmarks are located within the Southern Barrow-downs:

Dungeons and Instances

The following Public Dungeons and World Instances are located within is area:



The following deeds relates to Southern Barrow-downs:


See "starting quests" as well as each dungeon and landmark for more quests


Ost Gorthad
Haudh Iarchith

The following creatures are found roaming above ground within this area, unbound to any landmark:


Southern Barrow-downs

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Map of Bree-land Topographic map of Bree-land


A flooded barrow in the Southern Barrow-downs The southern tip of the Barrow-downs is a corrupted forest Pond among the corrupted Barrow-maples Rise where Malin fell Standing stones within the Southern Barrow-downs Ridge between Northern Barrow-downs and Southern Barrow-downs