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A Scholar studying

"Perhaps the most mysterious of the professions, the Scholar collects fragments of lost lore and attempts to interpret their secrets. By doing so, he can create scrolls for other craftsmen to read and improve their chances of producing a superior product. Other practical applications include lore by which specific enemies (orcs, trolls, the dead) might be best combated, dyes, and cures for various maladies."

Scholars can produce a wide variety of scrolls, potions, dyes, and other useful items. Most materials that a scholar uses tend to show up as treasure from humanoid foes. Materials can also be obtained from artifacts, typically found near ancient ruins using the Track Artifacts skill.

Some dye ingredients used by Scholars are crafted by the Farmer. Since the Scholar profession is only available in the Historian vocation, which also includes the Farming profession, the Scholar can simply switch to farming and harvest the required ingredients.

Associated Vocations: Historian

A guide to attaining Scholar Mastery

Required Tools

Scholar Materials

A list of all component items that are used to craft Scholar recipes: Scholar Components

A Scholar requires a Scholar's Glass in order to study relics, texts, carvings and trinkets from days gone by. The Scholar can find these items by using the Track Artifacts skill, which directs him to the nearest Artifact in the world around him. Once he has studied the Artifact sufficiently, the scholar may then combine the knowledge he has gained with components purchased from a Novice or Expert Scholar vendor, to craft a new, useful item. A number of advanced recipes requires Crafting Rare Components.


Resources are generally "Nodes" found across the lands of Middle-earth, which provide crafting materials in Crafting Recipes.

Artifacts can only be harvested by characters with the Scholar profession. Scholars are granted the ability to Track Artifacts, study the artifact using Crafting Tools, and process the ore into ingots at a Forge or Superior Forge.

Artifact node
Each artifact node yields a small number of texts and trinkets and a small chance of other crafting materials such as rare components and mastery components.

The following Professions can use these texts and materials in their own crafting recipes:
  • Scholar
    • Note: The scholar is the only profession that can use these materials for crafting.

Artifact Node Index

Artifact Spawn Tier Materials Mastery Components /
Rare Crafting Components
Shattered Pitcher
Shattered Pitcher.jpg
Aged Scrap of Text-icon.png Aged Scrap of Text
Enter-arrow-icon.png Early Third Age Relic-icon.png Early Third Age Relic
Dim Candle-icon.png Dim Candle Bree-land, Ered Luin and The Shire
Broken Urn
Broken Urn.jpg
Worn Tablet Fragment-icon.png Worn Tablet Fragment
Enter-arrow-icon.png Ruined Second Age Trinket-icon.png Ruined Second Age Trinket
Enter-arrow-icon.png Cryptic Text-icon.png Cryptic Text
Rushlight Candle-icon.png Rushlight Candle
Sapphire Shard-icon.png Sapphire Shard*
Bree-land, Ered Luin, The Lone-lands, and The North Downs
Antique Vase
Antique Vase.jpg
Cracked Dwarf-carving-icon.png Cracked Dwarf-carving
Enter-arrow-icon.png Faded Sindarin Passage-icon.png Faded Sindarin Passage
Enter-arrow-icon.png Torn Craftsman's Diary-icon.png Torn Craftsman's Diary
Beeswax Candle-icon.png Beeswax Candle
Ruby Shard-icon.png Ruby Shard*
The Lone-lands, The North Downs, and Evendim
Forgotten Text
Forgotten Text.jpg
Fragment of Dúnedain Script-icon.png Fragment of Dúnedain Script
Enter-arrow-icon.png Scroll of Lothlórien-icon.png Scroll of Lothlórien
Enter-arrow-icon.png Scroll of Lothlórien-icon.png Historical Document of the Dwarf-lords
Tallow Candle-icon.png Tallow Candle
Adamant Shard-icon.png Adamant Shard*
The Lone-lands, Evendim, The Trollshaws, Angmar, and The Misty Mountains
Ancient Vase
Ancient Vase.jpg
Worn Elf-carving-icon.png Worn Elf-carving
Enter-arrow-icon.png Undeciphered Moon-letter-icon.png Undeciphered Moon-letter
Enter-arrow-icon.png Long-lost Second Age Text-icon.png Long-lost Second Age Text
Ornate Candle-icon.png Ornate Candle
Beryl Shard-icon.png Beryl Shard*
The Misty Mountains, Eastern Angmar and Eregion
Sage's Locker
Sage's Locker.jpg

Sage's Casket
Sage's Casket.jpg

Sage's Lockbox
Sage's Lockbox.jpg
Rune-carved Tablet-icon.png Rune-carved Tablet
Enter-arrow-icon.png Etching of Moria-icon.png Etching of Moria
Enter-arrow-icon.png Tattered Khuzdul Parchment-icon.png Tattered Khuzdul Parchment
Enter-arrow-icon.png Relic of Khazad-dûm-icon.png Relic of Khazad-dûm
Bright Lamp-icon.png Bright Lamp
Mithril Flake-icon.png Mithril Flake*
Moria (esp. Mekeb-faham and Mekeb-farak crafting instances found in Hadudbâb in Durin's Way), Lothlórien, Mirkwood and Enedwaith
Banded Coffer
Banded Coffer.jpg
Scrap of Weathered Dunlending Text-icon.png Scrap of Weathered Dunlending Text
Enter-arrow-icon.png Scroll of Insight-icon.png Scroll of Insight
Enter-arrow-icon.png Book of Knowledge-icon.png Book of Knowledge
Enter-arrow-icon.png Tome of Wisdom-icon.png Tome of Wisdom
Page of Gondorian Parchment-icon.png Page of Gondorian Parchment
Enter-arrow-icon.png Inspired Note-icon.png Inspired Note

Cracked Rhi Helvarch Sigil-icon.png Cracked Rhi Helvarch Sigil*

Dunland, Gap of Rohan, Nan Curunír and The Great River
Ornate Cache
Ornate Cache.jpg
Scrap of Rohirric Text-icon.png Scrap of Rohirric Text
Enter-arrow-icon.png Scroll of Poetry-icon.png Scroll of Poetry
Enter-arrow-icon.png Book of Ballads-icon.png Book of Ballads
Enter-arrow-icon.png Tome of War Stories-icon.png Tome of War Stories
Piece of Eastemnet Sealed Wax-icon.png Piece of Eastemnet Sealed Wax
Enter-arrow-icon.png Eastemnet Candle-icon.png Eastemnet Candle

Tarnished Crest of Rohan-icon.png Tarnished Crest of Rohan*

East Rohan, Parphád crafting instance found in Hytbold, and Wildermore
Adorned Chest
Adorned Chest.jpg
Tattered Rohirric Parchment-icon.png Tattered Rohirric Parchment
Enter-arrow-icon.png Scroll of Poetry-icon.png Scroll of Tactics
Enter-arrow-icon.png Book of Ballads-icon.png Book of Battle Plans
Enter-arrow-icon.png Tome of War Stories-icon.png Tome of War Campaigns
Piece of Westemnet Sealed Wax-icon.png Piece of Westemnet Sealed Wax
Enter-arrow-icon.png Westemnet Candle-icon.png Westemnet Candle

Emerald Shard-icon.png Emerald Shard*

West Rohan, Gemyndsted crafting instance found in Derndingle in the Entwood, Western Gondor, Central Gondor
Lavish Chest
Lavish Chest.jpg
Tattered Anórien Parchment-icon.png Tattered Anórien Parchment Piece of Anórien Sealed Wax-icon.png Piece of Anórien Sealed Wax
Enter-arrow-icon.png Anórien Candle-icon.png Anórien Candle

Zircon Shard-icon.png Zircon Shard*

Eastern Gondor, Old Anórien, Far Anórien
Lavish Dagorlad Chest
Lavish Dagorlad Chest.jpg
Relic of the Battle Plain (Wastes)-icon.png Relic of the Battle Plain The Wastes
Gorgoroth Artifact Chest
Gorgoroth Artifact Chest.jpg
Tattered Doomfold Parchment-icon.png Tattered Doomfold Parchment Piece of Doomfold Sealed Wax-icon.png Piece of Doomfold Sealed Wax
Enter-arrow-icon.png Gorgoroth Candle-icon.png Gorgoroth Candle
The Plateau of Gorgoroth
Dale Artifact Chest
Dale Artifact Chest.jpg
Tattered Doomfold Parchment-icon.png Tattered Doomfold Parchment Piece of Doomfold Sealed Wax-icon.png Piece of Doomfold Sealed Wax
Enter-arrow-icon.png Gorgoroth Candle-icon.png Gorgoroth Candle
Eryn Lasgalen and the Dale-lands
Ironfold Artifact Chest
Ironfold Artifact Chest.jpg
Tattered Ironfold Parchment-icon.png Tattered Ironfold Parchment Piece of Ironfold Sealed Wax-icon.png Piece of Ironfold Sealed Wax
Enter-arrow-icon.png Ironfold Candle-icon.png Ironfold Candle
Iron Hills, Ered Mithrin and Withered Heath
Ithil Artifact Chest
Ithil Artifact Chest.jpg
Minas Ithil
Tattered Minas Ithil Parchment-icon.png Tattered Minas Ithil Parchment Piece of Minas Ithil Sealed Wax-icon.png Piece of Minas Ithil Sealed Wax
Enter-arrow-icon.png Minas Ithil Candle-icon.png Minas Ithil Candle
Morgul Vale, Mordor Besieged
* Very rare component


Scholars can also find crops using the Track Crops skill. Some of these crops may be cultivated by Farmers using Vegetable Farmland; others can only be found in the wild.* They are used by Scholars to craft Dyes and Wall Paints.

Crop Type Item Name Tier Standard / Critical
Farming Result
Location(s) in the Wild
Amaranth Amaranth Petal-icon.png Amaranth Petal
Not found in the wild
Blackberry Juicy Blackberry-icon.png Juicy Blackberry
Not found in the wild
Bloodwort Bloodwort Root-icon.png Bloodwort Root
Not found in the wild
Bluebell Bluebottle Petal-icon.png Bluebell Bulb
Not found in the wild
Bluebottle Bluebottle Petal-icon.png Bluebottle Petal
Not found in the wild
Elder Juicy Elderberry-icon.png Juicy Elderberry
Not found in the wild
Green Onion Onion Skin-icon.png Onion Skin
Not found in the wild
Indigo Plant Indigo Plant-icon.png Indigo Plant
Cannot be cultivated*
Eregion, The Trollshaws, Ered Luin (rare), Dunland
Iris Iris Root-icon.png Iris Root
Not found in the wild
Lily-of-the-Valley Lily-of-the-Valley Leaf-icon.png Lily-of-the-Valley Leaf
Not found in the wild
Saffron Saffron Thread-icon.png Saffron Thread
Not found in the wild
Strawberry Juicy Strawberry-icon.png Juicy Strawberry
Not found in the wild
Yarrow Root Yarrow Root-icon.png Yarrow Root
Cannot be cultivated*
Ered Luin, Bree-land, The Shire
Woad Plant Woad Plant-icon.png Woad Plant
Cannot be cultivated*
The Lone-lands, The North Downs
Walnut Branches Walnut-icon.png Walnut
Cannot be cultivated*
West Rohan

* NOTE: Most of these dye plants may drop randomly in a Westfold Farmer's Wild Flower Field, including those that can't otherwise be cultivated.

Other Dye Ingredients

When crafting dyes, a Scholar may also use non-plant dye ingredients. These ingredients may be found in Ore nodes, which can only be mined by players with the Prospector profession. Since neither of the scholarly vocations includes Prospecting, the Scholar must acquire the following ingredients from other players (in trade or through the Auction House). The items can drop as loot (more commonly in chests and backpacks than from mobs), but this is extremely rare.

  • Note that the tier designation in the table refers to the Prospecting tier required to mine the ore deposit.
Item Name Tier Levels Dropped Ore Node Type
Piece of Sienna-icon.png Piece of Sienna
1 - 12
Copper Deposit
Pile of Copper Salts-icon.png Pile of Copper Salts
1 - 12
Copper Deposit
Piece of Umber-icon.png Piece of Umber
1 - 12
Barrow-iron Deposit
Pile of Ancient Iron Oxides-icon.png Pile of Ancient Iron Oxides
1 - 12
Ancient Iron Deposit
Chunk of Lime-icon.png Chunk of Lime
1 - 12
Khazâd Skarn Deposit


A complete list of Scholar recipe indexes by tier:
Scholar Recipe Index
Apprentice Scholar Recipe-icon.png T1 Scholar Apprentice Recipe Index
Journeyman Scholar Recipe-icon.png T2 Scholar Journeyman Recipe Index
Expert Scholar Recipe-icon.png T3 Scholar Expert Recipe Index
Artisan Scholar Recipe-icon.png T4 Scholar Artisan Recipe Index
Master Scholar Recipe-icon.png T5 Scholar Master Recipe Index
Supreme Scholar Recipe-icon.png T6 Scholar Supreme Recipe Index
Westfold Scholar Recipe-icon.png T7 Scholar Westfold Recipe Index
Eastemnet Scholar Recipe-icon.png T8 Scholar Eastemnet Recipe Index
Westemnet Scholar Recipe-icon.png T9 Scholar Westemnet Recipe Index
Westemnet Scholar Recipe-icon.png T10 Scholar Anórien Recipe Index
Westemnet Scholar Recipe-icon.png T11 Scholar Doomfold Recipe Index
Westemnet Scholar Recipe-icon.png T12 Scholar Ironfold Recipe Index
Westemnet Scholar Recipe-icon.png T13 Scholar Minas Ithil Recipe Index

A complete list of Scholar recipes listed alphabetically:
An index of items that can be crafted using Scholar recipes

Dye and Wall Paint

An index of dyes crafted using Scholar recipes

An index of wall paint including those crafted using Scholar recipes

Crafting Guild

Crafting Guilds are Reputation factions that grant advantages in recipe execution. Reputation is increased by bartering special crafted items. Membership in a Crafting Guild used to be exclusive - you can be a member of 2 crafting guilds at a time (as of Update 25).[1]

Scholars of all levels are eligible to join the Scholar's Guild, but the guild recipes require Expert tier and above. To join a crafting guild one must first speak to a Master of Crafting Guilds, and they are always found in the vicinity of a guild hall and at many other locations. Then, travel to Rivendell and speak with Guild Leader Ethel Applegarth to continue the quest. The Scholar's Guild-hall is located on the first floor above ground level inside the Last Homely House. An alternative is to travel to the Crafting Hall in Minas Tirith (Midsummer), especially if one wishes to guild Weaponsmith in addition to Scholar, since all of the guild NPCs are located there. Minas Tirith (Midsummer) is accessible to characters of all levels.


Class Quests

Using your Skills

Elves if Revendell Reputation


Novice Scholars

NPC Location Region
Alice Pickthorn Three-farrow Crafting Hall (Bree) Bree-land
Anna Bullrush Combe Crafting Hall Bree-land
Merimas Brandybuck Buckland Bree-land
Dúsi Thorin's Hall - The Maker's Hall Ered Luin
Lothinn Gondamon Ered Luin
Makan Thorin's Gate, Crafting Hall Ered Luin
Thavroniel Celondim Ered Luin
Amaranth Gamgee Oatbarton Evendim
Neville Hopwood Tinnudir (Keep) Evendim
Walding Tunks Ost Forod Evendim
Beneger Bolger Budgeford The Shire
Citrina Brockhouse Brockenborings The Shire
Glory Hornblower Bywater The Shire
Hildibras Took Michel Delving's Craft-fair The Shire
Issiril Craft-hall of Esteldín The North Downs
Novice Scholar Trestlebridge The North Downs
Atharovor Elrond's Library (The Last Homely House) The Trollshaws

Expert Scholars

Named expert Scholar NPCs, There are numerous unnamed ones.

NPC Location Region
Eurwen The Hall of Making - (Lhanuch) Enedwaith
Forgamthan Elrond's Library (The Last Homely House) The Trollshaws
Gódrun Ost Guruth The Lone-lands
Istwë Caras Galadhon Lothlórien
Pethbes The Vineyards of Lórien Lothlórien
Rue Goodbody Mathom-house in Michel Delving The Shire
Tangwen Ost Galadh Mirkwood
Tebrennil Crafting Bunker (Twenty-first Hall) Moria

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