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Farmer, Forester, Prospector
Cook, Jeweller, Metalsmith,
Scholar, Tailor,
Weaponsmith, Woodworker
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"Foresters gather resources such as wood from the forest, to be used by other crafting Vocations."

A Forester gathers and treats wood for the Woodworker and boils looted hides for the Tailor. This profession only produces subcomponents for other professions but it is a necessary and vital role.

Associated Vocations: Explorer, Woodsman

A guide to attaining Forester Mastery.

Required Tools


A list of all component items that are used to craft Forester recipes: Forester Components

A Forester requires a Forester's Axe (e.g., Bronze Forester's Axe) in order to gather and treat different types of wood and to boil different types of hides. The forester can find wood by using the Track Wood skill, which directs them to the nearest cache of wood in the landscape.

Once he has collected the base components, the Forester will need to purchase additional components from a Supplier vendor to use in crafting his final product.


Wood can be found across the lands of Middle-earth. Foresters have the ability to Track Wood and harvest it using their Forester's Axe. Normal branches typically yield 1 to 3 branches, while heavy branches can yield up to 6 branches and occasionally kindling materials. Both types of branches can sometimes yield 1+ mastery components used by Tailors and Woodworkers. Foresters have the skill to treat wood for other professions. Other professions, such as Woodworker, can then create items from the treated wood.

Fallen Timbers Tier Wood Materials Mastery Components / Rare Crafting Components Locations
Rowan Branches
Rowan Branches.jpg
1 Apprentice Log of Rowan Wood Drop of Sticky Resin
Common Flax Fibre
South Ered Luin, The Shire, Central Bree-land
Ash Branches
Ash Branches.jpg
2 Journeyman Log of Ash Wood Drop of Ashy Resin
Bree Flax Fibre
Sapphire Shard*
North Ered Luin, Edges of Bree-land, The Barrow-downs, West Lone-lands, West North Downs
Yew Branches
Yew Branches.jpg
3 Expert Log of Yew Wood Drop of Amber Resin
Pale Flax Fibre
Ruby Shard*
East Lone-lands, East North Downs, East Evendim
Lebethron Branches
Lebethron Branches.jpg
4 Artisan Log of Lebethron Wood Drop of Black Resin
Yellow Flax Fibre
Adamant Shard*
The Trollshaws, West Evendim, West Angmar, South-East The Lone-lands, West Misty Mountains
Black Ash Branches
Black Ash Branches.jpg
5 Master Log of Black Ash Wood
Black Ash Heartwood
Spider Silk
Drop of Soft Resin
Golden Flax Fibre
Beryl Shard*
East Misty Mountains, East Angmar, northern Eregion
Ilex Branches
Pile of Ilex Wood
Ilex Branches.jpg
Pile of Ilex Wood.jpg
6 Supreme Log of Ilex Wood Drop of Hard Resin
Fairy Flax Fibre
Mithril Flake*
southern Eregion, Moria (esp. Bult-kâr and Sejer-tharâkh crafting instances found in Mezer-serej in Zelem-melek), Lothlórien, Mirkwood, Enedwaith
Mallorn Branches
Mallorn Branches.jpg
As of Update 12, Helm's Deep - November 20, 2013, these branches were removed from the game
Birch Branches
Birch Branches.jpg
7 Westfold Log of Birch Wood
Birch Sapwood Branch
Drop of Birch-tar
Cracked Rhi Helvarch Sigil*
Enedwaith, Dunland, The Great River
Oak Branches
Oak Branches.jpg
8 Eastemnet Log of Oak Wood
Oak Sapwood Branch
Piece of Oak Bark
Tarnished Crest of Rohan*
East Rohan, Imping crafting instance found in Hytbold, Wildermore
Walnut Branches
Walnut Branches.jpg
9 Westemnet Log of Walnut Wood
Walnut Sapwood Branch
Piece of Walnut Bark
Emerald Shard*
West Rohan, Direnfirel crafting instance found in Derndingle in the Entwood, Western Gondor, Central Gondor
Poplar Branches
Poplar Branches.jpg
10 Anórien Log of Poplar Wood
Poplar Sapwood Branch
Piece of Poplar Bark
Zircon Shard*
Eastern Gondor, Old Anórien, Far Anórien
Gnarled Branches
Gnarled Branches.jpg
10 Anórien Bundle of Reclaimed Ithilien Lumber Zircon Shard* The Wastes
Gorgoroth Branches
Gorgoroth Wood
Gorgoroth Branches.jpg
Gorgoroth Wood.jpg
11 Doomfold Log of Gorgoroth Wood Piece of Doomfold Bark
Strong Gorgoroth Branch*
The Plateau of Gorgoroth
Lasgalen Branches
Lasgalen Branches.jpg
11 Doomfold Log of Lasgalen Wood Piece of Doomfold Bark
Strong Lasgalen Branch*
Eryn Lasgalen and the Dale-lands
* Very rare component


Hides are pieces of animal hide that drop as loot from beasts. Any player can harvest a hide after defeating a beast, but only Foresters have the ability to turn hides into leather by boiling them, for use in Tailor crafting recipes.

Hide Type Tier Leather By-product Levels that Drop Item Location(s)
Light Hide 1 Apprentice Brushed Light Leather 1-13 South Ered Luin, The Shire, Central Bree-land
Medium Hide 2 Journeyman Brushed Medium Leather
Glazed Medium Leather
13-25 Bree-land, Ered Luin, The Lone-lands, The North Downs, and The Shire
Sturdy Hide 3 Expert Brushed Sturdy Leather
Glazed Sturdy Leather
25-34 Evendim, The Lone-lands, The North Downs, and The Trollshaws
Pristine Hide 4 Artisan Brushed Pristine Leather
Glazed Pristine Leather
35-43 West part of Angmar, Evendim, East and West part of The Misty Mountains, East part of The North Downs and The Trollshaws
Exceptional Hide 5 Master Brushed Exceptional Leather
Glazed Exceptional Leather
44-50 Angmar, Eregion, Sarnúr in Ered Luin, Forochel, and Ettenmoors
Magnificent Hide 6 Supreme Brushed Magnificent Leather
Glazed Magnificent Leather
Finished Magnificent Leather
Mithril-reinforced Magnificent Leather
51-64 Angmar, Eregion, Moria, Lothlórien, Mirkwood, Enedwaith, Minas Elendúr, Kolo-hampât
Calenard Hide 7 Westfold Brushed Calenard Leather
Glazed Calenard Leather
Finished Calenard Leather
65-74 Dunland, Gap of Rohan, Isengard, Nan Curunir, The Great River and some rare drops in Eastern Mirkwood and Enedwaith
Riddermark Hide 8 Eastemnet Brushed Riddermark Leather
Glazed Riddermark Leather
Finished Riddermark Leather
75-85 East Rohan
Eorlingas Hide 9 Westemnet Brushed Riddermark Leather
Glazed Riddermark Leather
Finished Riddermark Leather
85-99 West Rohan (A beast level 85 in West Rohan can drop both Riddermark and Eorlingas hides), Fangorn, Western Gondor, Central Gondor
Anórien Hide 10 Anórien Brushed Anórien Leather 100-105 Eastern Gondor, Old Anórien, Far Anórien (beasts in all 3 areas drop both Eorlingas and Anórien hides)
Doomfold Hide 11 Doomfold Brushed Doomfold Leather 106+ The Plateau of Gorgoroth


Links to Forester recipe index by tier

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An index of items that can be crafted using Forester recipes


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