Item:Riddermark Hide

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Riddermark Hide
  • Item Level: 80
  • "A large, fully-intact hide coming from a beast found in the Eastemnet Region. This can be turned into leather by an Eastemnet Forester."
  • Worth: 3 Silver 52 Copper 
  • Stacks to 500

Craft Information

This item is used by an Eastemnet Forester as a component for the following:

View the Forester Eastemnet Recipe Index for more details.

Item Information

This item can be dropped by beasts of levels 75-84.

Locations: Great River, East Rohan, West Rohan, Wildermore

This item can also be found in backpacks in those regions.

The area between Harwick and Langhold in The Wold has a relatively high number of creatures that drop hides: Eastemnet Boars and Wold Grazers (the latter drops between 0-2 Riddermark Hides and sometimes 1 Calanard Hide). These creatures seem to share spawn points with Spying Craban and Wold Ruffian creatures, so you'll want to kill everything.

The area in the Entwash Vale called the South-east Aurochs-herd [49.6S, 60.0W] has a massive spawn of Vale Cow and Vale Bull that drop 0-2 Riddermark Hides and can generally get 40-60 hides in a couple of minutes