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Region: West Rohan
Area: Entwood
Location: [42.1S, 79.1W]


Direnfirel is a forester crafting instance accessed from Quickbeam in Entwood [42.1S, 79.1W]

Direnfirel is located in West Rohan [50.6S, 76.2W] in the Broadacres.


Direnfirel is one of three Entwood Crafting Instances (CI).

  • It contains Tier 9 (Westemnet) Forester resources.

It can also be visited by travelling East past Brockbridge in the Westfold. You will discover the recently sacked village as you walk through the woods along the river. If you miss it turn back at Middlemead.

Quest Involvement

  • The three associated quests are "dailies," i.e. they can each be completed once every 24 hours.


Resource nodes which can be harvested inside include:


Mobs will randomly spawn from one of three sets of mobs:
Set 1 (bears):

Set 2 (orcs):

Set 3 (half-orcs):