Camp Site Fire

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This page is about the travel destinations that Hunters can use. For the kind where Cooks cook, see Campfire
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Camp Site Fire

Camp Site Fires are locations used by hunters. Hunters who have learned the skill Return to Camp can bind to one at a time by right-clicking them (similarly to the use of Milestones). They can then carry their entire fellowship to the camp site fire. These fires are generally just outside the main instances in the game, but are also found elsewhere. Some Camp Site Fires also have Mustering Horns by them, which allow any fellowship member to call another member to the fire.

At a Camp Site Fire Burglars may summon Pedlars.


Region Location Coords Mustering Horn *
Angmar Fail-á-Khro [2.5N, 37.3W]
Eastern Malenhad (Gabilshathûr) [2.7S, 26.5W]
Tyrn Lhuig [1.7S, 33.3W]
Myrkworth (Imlad Balchorth) [6.9N, 25.8W]
Tármunn Súrsa [12.2N, 32.0W] Yes
Urugarth [10.0N, 32.6W] Yes
Carn Dûm [11.4N, 33.7W] Yes
Iorelen's Camp [10.7N, 15.6W] Yes
Gorothlad (Maethad & Nan Gurth) [4.1N, 21.7W] Yes
Bree-land The Horsefields [23.8S, 52.7W]
Bree-town Hunting Lodge [31.8S, 51.3W]
Southern Bree-fields [28.2S, 54.3W]
The Great Barrow [33.7S, 55.5W] Yes
Dunland Echad Naeglanc [77.4S, 15.8W] Yes
Tâl Methedras [78.3S, 11.2W] Yes
Barnavon [84.8S, 16.7W]
Starkmoor [82.9S, 21.3W]
Gravenwood [83.2S, 14.5W] Yes
Dunbog [85.7S, 21.6W] Yes
Enedwaith Echad Idhrenfair [63.5S, 21.5W] Yes
Echad Daervunn [66.6S, 21.5W] Yes
Nár's Peak [65.7S, 8.6W] Yes
Harndirion [69.4S, 13.8W] Yes
Lich Bluffs [72.7S, 14.8W] Yes
Lich Bluffs, (Ost Dunhoth) [74.0S, 19.3W] Yes
Ered Luin Falathlorn [24.3S, 93.7W]
Treasure Field Base Camp [18.7S, 98.2W] Yes
Vale of Thrain [19.1S, 101.7W]
Eregion Pend Eregion [41.4S, 11.1W]
Burnt Tor [49.1S, 9.3W]
Mirobel [52.3S, 17.1W] Yes
Evendim Annúminas [19.1S, 70.9W] Yes
Barandalf [15.8S, 63.2W]
Bullroarer's Sward, (Northcotton Farm) [23.4S, 67.9W] Yes
Northern Emyn Uial [6.2S, 74.7W]
Forochel Itä-mâ [7.4N, 75.4W]
Jä-rannit [19.5N, 73.7W] Yes
Jä-rannit [17.5N, 64.5W]
Kuru-leiri [19.5N, 83.7W]
Gap of Rohan Forthbrond [87.2S, 7.4W]
Grimbold's Camp [87.8S, 3.9W]
Lone-lands Candaith's Encampment [30.2S, 37.9W]
The Outer Gates, GA [28.0S, 25.2W] Yes
Minas Eriol [36.0S, 39.5W]
Ost Haer [37.6S, 28.0W]
Misty Mountains Bruinen Source East [22.8S, 0.7E]
Bruinen Source North, (Sigrun's camp) [19.1S, 2.9W] Yes
Giant Halls [29.9S, 2.4E] Yes
The Mountain's Throat (near Goblin-town) [21.4S, 5.9E] Yes
Southern High Pass [27.8S, 7.6E]
Nan Curunír Dagoras' Camp [84.8S, 3.5W]
North Downs Amlaith's Scar (Stoneheight) [9.9S, 49.5W] Yes
Fornost [6.1S, 55.3W] Yes
Nan Wathren Western Pass [14.7S, 50.7W]
Ost Lagoros [9.4S, 47.3W]
Rhunenlad [12.5S, 38.5W] Yes
The Shire The Hill [29.9S, 71.1W]
The Trollshaws Nan Tornaeth (Calenthon's camp) [28.2S, 15.3W]
Ost Chall (Lost Temple) [26.9S, 14.2W] Mustering horn only
High Moor (near Giant Valley) [33.9S, 8.1W] Yes
Echad Candelleth [37.1S, 14.1W]


Region Area Location Coords   Mustering Horn *  
Lothlórien Taur Hith [11.4S, 70.6W]
Mirkwood Echad Mothelen [13.6S, 58.1W] Yes
Helethir [16.2S, 44.5W] Yes
Thangúlhad [12.6S, 46.5W]
Moria Durin's Way Tharâkh Bazân [3.2S, 108.6W]
Nud-melek Bridge of Khazad-dûm [8.1S, 98.5W]
Nud-melek The Sixteenth Hall [11.0S, 101.1W] Yes
The Great Delving Durin's Threshold [8.2S, 116.2W]
The Great Delving Lamâb-dûm [7.5S, 113.4W]
The Redhorn Lodes The Grand Stair [10.3S, 103.9W] Yes
The Flaming Deeps Fil Gashan & Co. [16.4S, 109.6W] Yes
The Foundations of Stone Dark Delvings [15.4S, 97.4W] Yes
The Foundations of Stone Skûmfil [13.4S, 100.4W] Yes
The Silvertine Lodes [10.6S, 113.3W]
The Silvertine Lodes Menem-berej [11.0S, 112.1W] Yes
The Silvertine Lodes The Forgotten Treasury [11.1S, 112.7W] Yes
The Water-works Nalâ-dûm [14.1S, 112.7W] Yes
The Water-works The Vile Maw [17.6S, 116.9W] Yes
Zelem-melek Zelem-melek [8.4S, 109.0W]
Zirakzigil Durin's Bane (Moria) [15.5N, 108.5W] Yes
The Great River Brown Lands Etheburg [31.4S, 52.1W]
Eorlsmead Stangard [26.1S, 63.1W]
The Cuthstan [25.8S, 65.9W]
Parth Celebrant Idmar's Camp [28.5S, 56.8W] Yes
Parth Celebrant [26.6S, 58.3W] Yes
Rushgore Aculf's Camp [29.1S, 55.2W]
Amal's Camp [28.8S, 53.3W] Yes
Thinglad Haldirith [21.4S, 63.6W]
East Rohan The Wold Harwick [39.7S, 52.5W]
Norcrofts Caddabrand's Camp [51.4S, 55.8W]
West Rohan Eastfold [66.4S, 60.8W]


Region Area Location Coords   Mustering Horn *  
Eastern Gondor Lossarnach Dindal's Watch [73.8S, 21.6W]
Upper Lebennin Halach [81.9S, 26.5W]
Osgiliath Osgiliath Culverts [62.7S, 8.8W] Yes
Osgiliath Faramir's Lookout [65.0S, 6.1W] Mustering horn only
Far Anórien Taur Drúadan War-stead of the King's Men [45.6S, 27.3W]


Region Area Location Coords   Mustering Horn *  
The Wastes the Slag-hills The Black Gate [34.4S, 3.5W] Yes
The Plateau of Gorgoroth Udûn Forges of Anglach [39.8S, 5.8E]
Dor Amarth Lûghash [43.6S, 15.7E]
Lhingris Durthang [49.0S, 2.2E]
Lhingris Fennas Gost [64.2S, 10.7E]
Talath Úrui Naerband [60.9S, 16.7E]
Talath Úrui Ennyn Ûr [61.3S, 27.5E]
Agarnaith Grishbalt [52.0S, 28.1E]

*   Blank for "No Mustering Horn", otherwise "Yes" or a comment