Grishbalt (Gorgoroth)

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This page is about marshes in Gorgoroth. For cavern in Angmar, see Grishbalt (Angmar)
Type: Marsh
Region: The Plateau of Gorgoroth
Area: Agarnaith
Location: [52.7S, 26.9E]


Grishbalt (Black Speech for Blood-marsh) is a location in Agarnaith, on the Plateau of Gorgoroth. To what the name refers is unspecified, but based on its definition, it appears to denote the bloodstained marshland of the valley, or just the north-western reaches of the marshes. Grishbalt is very similar in meaning to Agarnaith, the 'Bloody Gore', so named for the blood-red waters of the Chaydash river that flows out from the fortress of Seregost to the northeast, poisoned by the experiments of Lhaereth the Stained.