Bree-town Jail

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Bree-town Jail
Region: Bree-land
Settlement: Bree
Location: [31.7S, 50.8W]
Bree-town Jail Interior.jpg

Bree-town Jail is an interior and a landmark within Bree in Bree-land. [31.7S, 50.8W]

The jail is located at the Bree-town Hall Courtyard, just west of the Woodsmen's Gate. It houses many of the city's most notorious criminals. Here are also several class trainers and other persons important for the defence of Bree. In the back-rooms is the champion trainer resting, as well as guards who are taking a nap but regularly walk off for patrolling.

Notice that all trainers offer and sell class specific quests, items and recipes, see the trainers individually.


Bree-town Jail Exterior
NPC Function
Class Trainers
HumanF.png Dawn Appledore Captain Trainer
Dwarf.png Oggur Champion Trainer
Dwarf.png Tralli Guardian Trainer
HumanF.png Daisy Appledore Warden Trainer
HumanF.png Lily Appledore Quest
BanditM.png Prisoner
AllRaces.png Townsperson
Human.png Watcher



  • Quests from all class trainers



Courtyard & training yard Jail cells within the Bree-town Jail Guard quarters in the back of the jail

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