Southern Barricade

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Southern Barricade
Region: Ered Luin
Area: Rath Teraig
Location: [24.6S, 96.7W]

Southern Barricade is a landmark within Rath Teraig, in Ered Luin. [24.6S, 96.7W]

Furthest to the south this roadblock fences off this bowl of evilness from the southern lands. Just to the east lies a spider nest, to the north-east a path leading to Falathlorn as well as the north-east of Rath Teraig, and to the north the road runs past goblin strongholds until it runs past the Northern Barricade.


These deeds can be advanced by exploring this location:


These creatures are encountered within this location:


"The Southern Barricade guards the way to the Grey Havens to the south-west. It was sealed off by the dwarves some years ago as the goblins swarmed out to overrun Rath Teraig and now lies abandoned and impassable, making the trek of the Elves travelling to the Havens a long and arduous journey as they must use passes far to the south." — Deed