Blue Stone Garrison

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Blue Stone Garrison
Region: Ered Luin
Area: Thorin's Gate
Settlement: Thorin's Hall

The Blue Stone Garrison is a reputation lounge within Thorin's Hall's western wing.

It is located within the Hall of Merchants, at the upper level, across the bridge by the waterfall. Inside is an imposing, well protected hallway, leading to a very long ramp down to the heart of the garrison.

The Blue Stone Garrison is the home of the Thorin's Hall reputation faction and only those who have reached Acquaintance standing with the faction are allowed to enter. Just outside are found some members who welcome visitors of a lesser standing.

The Longbeards of Thorin's Hall have had a relatively quiet existence since the expulsion of the Dourhands. However, the recent discovery of the Dourhand's ancient city, renamed anew Sarnúr, has caused many of the Longbeards concern. With the blood-price set against the Dourhands not yet repaid, the Longbeards of Thorin's Hall are loathe to let the Dourhands begin construction of a fortified stronghold so near to their city. - Ref


Entrance to Blue Stone Garrison


NPC Function
Outside the Garrison        
Ísrath Reputation Recipes Vendor
Tórth Reputation Barterer
Rútur Quest
Snár Quest
Inside the Garrison        
Authun Reputation Vendor
Dúthi Reputation Vendor & Supplier
Wígthor Supplier
Gaddi Expert Jeweller
Fielò Expert Tailor
Óleif Expert Woodworker
Dwarf Guard


Map of Blue Stone Garrison