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The Trollshaws are located in the east of Eriador, largely between the rivers Hoarwell and Bruinen, but also includes the highlands east of the Bruinen and south of Rivendell. The Trollshaws lies east of The Lone-lands, with Eregion to the south, Ettenmoors to the north, and the Misty Mountains to the north-east. The woods and gorges of the Trollshaws have been largely uninhabited for long, aside from Elrond's elven refuge in the secluded Rivendell Valley, which is forever a haven of peace and harmony.

This region became known as The Trollshaws after the lands of Rhudaur were cast into ruin and became inhabited by evil trolls. The region is filled with towering pine and beech trees, as well autumnal forests and roaring rivers. The horizons are often blocked by high hills and steep, impassable cliffs that shadow deep gorges and dead-end ravines. The woods are dotted with ruins, remnants of lost civilization that now serve as lairs for some of Middle-earth's most savage beasts and servants of the dark lords such as trolls, hill-men, and wights.

Rivendell Valley is an area that is nestled in the deep valleys below the Misty Mountains, richly watered by streams flowing down the cliff faces and springs bubbling up from the ground. The valley is itself a settlement, the capital of the Trollshaws, in which the natural centre of activities is the Last Homely House, Elrond's magnificent residence. However, major services and legendary characters are found all over the beautiful valley.



Not much is known about the early history of the western Trollshaws, but it was clearly inhabited by Men of Rhudaur (Sindarin for "Eastern Forests"), the east-most of the three lands that resulted from the dividing up of Arnor in III 861. Hill-men were the chief inhabitants of this area, and they soon fell under the influence of Angmar. The few Dúnedain living west of the Bruinen River where defeated III 1409 when the Witch-king invaded and destroyed their civilization, leaving the lands to decay and open for prowling beasts. It was probably at this time that trolls from the Ettenmoors dared move south again.

Rivendell, on the other hand, is better known. The settlement was founded in II 1967 by Elrond, when he was sent on a mission to save refugees who had fled north from Sauron's attacks on Eregion. Both Sauron and the Witch-king of Angmar besieged Rivendell at two different times, but were driven off by Gil-galad and elves from Lothlórien respectively.

In III 2941, in the woods west of Bruinen, Bilbo Baggins came upon the Stone-trolls Tom, Bert, and Bill. Gandalf tricked them into arguing until dawn when the sun came up and turned them to stone. Among their hoard Gandalf discovered his sword "Glamdring", Thorin Oakenshield found "Orcrist", and Bilbo claimed the knife known as "Sting".

Years later, in III 3018, Strider led a company of Hobbits from The Lone-lands through The Trollshaws to reach Rivendell and seek Elrond's council. However, the nine Nazgûl pursued them from Weathertop and at the Ford of Bruinen, the Nazgûl nearly claimed Frodo, until Elrond sent a flood down to sweep them away. The Elf-lord Glorfindel hastily brought Frodo to safety and healing in Rivendell. Just after that is where we are in the Epic story-line of LOTRO during the time you are visiting this region.



Rivendell Valley

Points of Interest


Lost Temple


Giant Valley
Echad Candelleth
South Trollshaws
Tâl Bruinen

Bruinen Gorges

  • Outpost: Thorenhad: Basic services
    • Mailbox, Milestone, Stable-master, Supplier and armament vendors, and Campfires.
  • Quests: mainly level 36

Giant Valley

  • Quests: mainly level 39

High Moor

  • Creatures: mainly level 39

Nan Tornaeth

  • Quests: mainly level 37
  • World Instance: Lost Temple - Level 65

North Trollshaws

  • Quests: mainly level 36
  • Public Dungeon: Laenan - Level 65

Rivendell Valley

South Trollshaws

Tâl Bruinen

  • Outpost: Echad Candelleth: Minor services
    • Milestone, Stable-master, Healer, Camp Site Fire, and Campfires.
  • Quests: mainly level 38 & 50

Connected To


Resource Tiers

Named Creatures Shard Collectors List

Each of these creatures is the special tougher named version. All have a high change to give a rare shard used in crafting.

Creature Location Type
Adamant Shard-icon.png Adamant Shard The Trollshaws
Búth Troll
Galin Wood-Troll
Gorthír Gaunt man
Karnasht Wolf
Steelmaw Bear
Vátair Grim-crow Hill-man
Windscreamer Lynx

Creature Location Type
Beryl Shard-icon.png Beryl Shard The Trollshaws
Baushat [29.5S, 19.5W] North Trollshaws Worm
Bullcroak [35.7S, 12.3W] or [37.1S, 11.0W] Tâl Bruinen Toad
Fûthurz [34.5S, 15.2W] Bruinen Gorges Half-Orc
Slimebiter [37.2S, 11.1W] or [35.9S, 12.8W] Tâl Bruinen Crawler
Umling [26.2S, 18.6W] or [27.0S, 19.1W] North Trollshaws Spider


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Rivendell Valley

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