Ost Thondol

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Ost Thondol
Type: Ruins
Region: Trollshaws
Area: Bruinen Gorges
Location: [31.1S, 13.2W]

Ost Thondol is a landmark within Bruinen Gorges, in the Trollshaws. [31.1S, 13.2W]

High above the narrow paths of the eastern Bruinen Gorges an old watchtower stands vigil. It is reached by one small path from the south, starting west and running just above the troll-cave Nurath. The ruins are quite well preserved and yet today the upper levels are able to hold the weight of several stone-trolls, many of which are occupying this location. At the heart of the ruins awaits a terrible evil set down from Nan Tornaeth in the north.





These deeds can be advanced by visiting Ost Thondol:


These creatures are encountered around this location:


Built as an outlaying watchtower of Nan Tornaeth to the north, Ost Thondol once stood watch over the approaches to the Ford of Bruinen. — Deed