Ost Waeren

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Ost Waeren
Type: Ruins
Region: Trollshaws
Area: The Angle of Mitheithel
Location: [38.4S, 22.3W]

Ost Waeren is a landmark within the Angle of Mitheithel, in the Trollshaws. [38.4S, 22.3W]

The forests of the Trollshaws and the Angle are littered with ruins of the petty-kingdom of Rhudaur, a province troubled by both the trolls of the Trollshaws and the Amonedain that lived in the Angle before the coming of the Dúnedain. Rhudaur would in time succumb to both external pressure and internal betrayal, and the Angle would become a borderland, a frontier known by some as Harnaith, the South-point, and by others as an untamable wilderness better left to trolls and hill-men.

Whatever foul deeds were done within Ost Waeren at the behest of the Witch-king's servants have been thankfully forgotten by Men, but the watchful stones and the blood-soaked earth remembers.