The Bridge of Rivendell

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The Bridge of Rivendell
Region: Trollshaws
Area: Rivendell
Location: [30.3S, 4.5W]

The Bridge of Rivendell is a landmark within Rivendell, in the Trollshaws. [30.3S, 4.5W]

In the south of the valley this bridge crosses the River Bruinen river and connects the trail from southern High Moor with the central valley. At its northern side is a crossroads, west leads to the Spire of Meeting and the Market beyond, east leads to a view point for the Falls of Imladris, and north leads to the Last Homely House and yet more crossroads for places beyond.



"On they all went, leading their ponies, till they were brought to a good path and so at last to the very brink of the river. It was flowing fast and noisily, as mountain-streams do of a summer evening, when sun has been all day on the snow far up above. There was only a narrow bridge of stone without a parapet, as narrow as a pony could well walk on; and over that they had to go, slow and careful, one by one, each leading his pony by the bridle. The elves had brought bright lanterns to the shore, and they sang a merry song as the party went across.
"'Don't dip your beard in the foam, father!' they cried to Thorin, who was bent almost on to his hands and knees. 'It is long enough without watering it.'" — The Hobbit, by Tolkien