Bear Dens (Bruinen Gorges)

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This page is about the dens in the Trollshaws. For the dens in the Shire, see Bear Dens
Bear Dens
Region: Trollshaws
Area: Bruinen Gorges
Location: [32.0S, 15.1W]

The Bear Dens are found within the Bruinen Gorges, in the Trollshaws. [32.0S, 15.1W]

Just south-east of Thorenhad, below the cliff-side under its walls, many mountain-bears have settled down in some crumbled ruins and boulders. Though devastating to the unaware they also provide both skin and meat for the Elves camping in the nearby ruins.



These creatures are encountered at this location:


Another view of the bear dens in the Bruinen Gorges