The Gates of Imladris

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The Gates of Imladris
Type: Pass
Region: Trollshaws
Area: High Moor
Location: [32.1S, 6.2W]

The Gates of Imladris are a landmark within High Moor, in the Trollshaws. [32.1S, 6.2W]

In the north-east of High Moor, travellers who have been hardy and brave enough to overcome their journey through the Trollshaws may find this secret rift, a passage leading into the gorgeous valley of Imladris, also known as Rivendell. A place of civilization and rest among another wild and untamed region. It is vigilantly guarded by Elven sentinels of Rivendell.





These deeds can be advanced by visiting the Gates of Imladris:


Bingo Boffin - For quest only
Sentinel - Free Peoples


The southern passage into Rivendell is called the Gates of Imladris and establishes a clear bastion of civilization and safety in an otherwise wild land. Nevertheless, the Elves of Rivendell guard this approach carefully, and it is not entirely safe for travellers to approach unannounced -- those who pass this way with ill intent in their hearts are rarely seen or heard from again. — Deed