Sprigley's Farm

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Sprigley's Farm
Region: Bree-land
Area: Archet Dale
Location: [27.8S, 47.9W]
Sprigley's Farm.jpg


Sprigley's Farm is a landmark within Archet Dale in Bree-land. [27.8S, 47.9W]

This is now a derelict farmstead found in the southern Archet Dale. However, before the Blackwold's Assault on Archet this farmstead was well tended by Cal Sprigley and his wife, Holly, and farmhands. Those days, during the introduction quests for hobbit and man, also provisioner Harry Greencorn made his living here.

However, during the attack Cal, his wife, and Harry escaped from the farm. Later, when trying to return, they found its cellar completely overrun by a swarm of monstrous spiders. Until these spiders are defeated it will be impossible for the couple to return to this property.


Players experience Sprigley Farm at two points in time, before and after the Assault on Archet, but unlike other places where this occurs, can only go forward in time as they work through the introductory story line, and cannot go back to revisit an earlier time.



Before the Assault on Archet


Before the Assault on Archet

After the Assault on Archet


NPC Function Coords
Before the Assault on Archet
HumanM.png Harry Greencorn Provisioner [27.7S, 48.1W]
HumanM.png Bill Hayspear (Corpse) Quest [27.0S, 47.2W]
HumanM.png Cal Sprigley Quest [27.7S, 48.0W]
HumanF.png Holly Sprigley [28.0S, 47.9W]
HumanM.png Thornton Woodley (Corpse) Quest [27.2S, 47.4W]
HumanM.png Walt Wheatley (Corpse) Quest [27.2S, 46.7W]
HumanM.png Wil Wheatley Quest [27.7S, 48.1W]


The following creatures are found around this location:

Before the Assault on Archet

After the Assault on Archet


Spider infested stables & fields at Sprigley's Farm

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