The Blackwolds

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William Skunkwood, Blackwold Lieutenant
Typical Blackwold fighter

The Blackwolds are a fairly large group of outlaws and brigands occupying the Chetwood and the wild lands around Archet and Combe. While there is no definite information about their origins, at least some of them are believed to have come up from the southern lands. Others may be Angmarim.

Their leader is Éogan, a mysterious man of Angmar. He is the highest commander of the Blackwold brigands and he is also responsible for the Goblin invasion in the Shire. He is aided by William Skunkwood, his second in command. Jagger Jack, is their expert trainer of Wolfhounds.

Encampments and Fortifications

Blackwold Members

Some of the Blackwolds that are encountered in and around the Chetwood include: