Quest:Intro: A Plea for Aid

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Intro: A Plea for Aid
Level 4
Type Solo
Starts with Cal Sprigley
Starts at Sprigley's Farm
Start Region Archet Dale
Map Ref [27.7S, 48.0W]
Ends with Captain Brackenbrook
Ends at Archet
End Region Archet Dale
Map Ref [25.0S, 48.8W]
Quest Group Introduction (Hobbit/Man)
Race(s) Hobbit, Man
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I'm glad you're here! Some Blackwolds tried to attack us this morning, but we drove them off.

'We must get help from Combe, the next town over. It's south-west of here, and not more than a short journey away. They must bring their soldiers to Archet at once to help stave off the raid!

'Please make haste -- I fear the Blackwolds mean to attack tonight. The road here is crawling with brigands, but I pray you can make it safe to Combe.'


Cal Sprigley has asked you to gather what help you can from the nearby town of Combe.

Objective 1

  • Go to Combe to plead for aid against the Blackwold threat

The Combe Gate is not far to the west of Sprigley's Farm, along the road south from the town of Archet.

You should ask for assistance in Combe, for they have many well-equipped soldiers there due to their proximity to the dangerous Chetwood.

Cal Sprigley: 'Please hurry, <name>! I think the Blackwolds mean to attack tonight. I don't know how it came to be, but they are organized now. They pose a greater threat than I could have imagined.'
The only gate is blocked! Archet is on its own now...
Blackwold says, "Ha-ha! Do you want the people of Combe to help you?"
Blackwold says, "You're afraid of the Blackwolds, are you?"
Blackwold says, "Best run home, little fool. Enjoy your day."
Blackwold says, "It'll be your last...."

Objective 2

Cal Sprigley is at his farm in the southernmost tip of Archet.

You should return to Cal and inform him that the road to Combe is blocked at the gate, and Archet will be on its own.

Cal Sprigley: 'B-blocked? No, it cannot be! My men travelled to Combe only yesterday for a delivery.... That is bad news, <name>. The captain must be informed of what's going on at once!
'Here is a note for Brackenbrook. He knows my scrawl; he will believe you now.'

Objective 3

Captain Brackenbrook is within the walls of the town of Archet.

You should return to Brackenbrook with Cal Sprigley's letter as proof of the Blackwolds' intentions. He must be told that the southern part of Archet is rife with signs of an impending raid.

Cal Sprigley: 'Brackenbrook needs to know what the Blackwolds have done! You must get back to Archet -- I fear there isn't much time!'
Captain Brackenbrook: As Brackenbrook reads the letter from Cal Sprigley, his face is blank. He reads it a second time, and only then does he look at you.
'I have been a fool. Oh, what have I done?'