High Elf Traits

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Trait Description Level Deed
Blade Dancer-icon.png Blade Dancer +5% 1H/2H Sword Damage 42 Enmity of the Orcs III
Enmity of Darkness-icon.png Enmity of Darkness +5% Light-type Damage 35 Enmity of the Dourhands
Glory of the First Age (Trait)-icon.png Glory of the First Age Grants skill Glory of the First Age 38 Enmity of the Dourhands II
Grace of the Firstborn-icon.png Grace of the Firstborn +10% Out of Combat Run Speed 13 Enmity of the Orcs
Grace of Valinor (Trait)-icon.png Grace of Valinor Grants skill Grace of Valinor 25 None; Auto-granted
Those Who Remain-icon.png Those Who Remain Increases Will 29 None; Auto-granted
Travel to Caras Galadhon-icon.png Travel to Caras Galadhon Grants skill Travel to Caras Galadhon in Lothlórien 32 Enmity of the Orcs II
Virtuous High Elf-icon.png Virtuous High Elf Grants +1 Wisdom, Confidence, and Justice 60+ Friend with Galadhrim
Wrath of the Firstborn (Trait)-icon.png Wrath of the Firstborn Grants skill Wrath of the Firstborn 19 None; Auto-granted

Some of these traits are obtained via completion of High Elf Racial Deeds, while others are automatically granted upon reaching the appropriate level.