Travel to Caras Galadhon in Lothlórien

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This page is about the High Elf racial travelling skill. For the Warden skill, see Muster in Caras Galadhon
Travel to Caras Galadhon in Lothlórien
  • Induction: 10s
  • This enables you to quickly return to Lothlórien. This skill is easily interrupted.
  • Requires: Travel to Caras Galadhon Trait Equipped
  • Cooldown: 1h

General Information

Race: High Elf

Minimum level: 32

The trait Travel to Caras Galadhon must be equipped to use this skill.


Using this skill returns you to Caras Galadhon in Lothlórien, just inside the front gate.[16.1S, 67.1W]