Brigand Cave (Chetwood)

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Brigand Cave
Type: Cave
Region: Bree-land
Area: Chetwood
Location: [30.0S, 47.3W]
Brigand Cave Skunkwood Throne.jpg


Brigand Cave is an instanced dungeon within Chetwood in Bree-land. [30.0S, 47.3W]

This cave, hidden near a waterfall, is the setting for a few Epic quests. The Blackwolds have become a dangerous threat to Chetwood, Combe, and Staddle, not to forget the assault on Archet, and it turns out the leaders hide in this cave. However, what was driving them into deeds worse than the plain robbers they used to be?


Exterior of the Brigand Cave


During the quest Prologue (Beorning/Man): The Hideout:
Amdir.png Amdir
Sara.png Sara Oakheart
Ranger.png Toradan

During the quest Volume I, Book 1, Instance: Blackwolds Broken:
HobbitM.png Constable Underhill


The following creatures are found within this area:

During the quest Prologue (Beorning/Man): The Hideout:

During the quest Volume I, Book 1, Instance: Blackwolds Broken:


Map of the Brigand Cave


Living quarters in the Brigand Cave Jail cell in Brigand Cave Mess hall in Brigand Cave

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