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Areas-icon.png Andrath
Region: Bree-land
Landmark(s): Halecatch Lake
Pierson's Farm
South-guard Ruins
Southern Bree-fields
Southern Barrow-downs
Levels: Mainly 15 - 16
Resource tier: Journeyman

Andrath is an area within Bree-land in the southern region. Its also used in the Warden instance quest, A Spear at the Southern March.

Andrath (possibly meaning "long street") is a reach of the ancient North-South Road (around Bree known as the Greenway) and begins about where it leaves Bree behind. While ascending southwards into the depopulated realm of Minhiriath the road passes through a narrow gorge commonly named the Vale of Andrath which now constitutes for this area; stretching eastwards it also embraces a lake and a farm. Athwart the Andrath road lies the South-guard Ruins, now occupied by southern brigands and half-orcs who have barricaded the road and from there raid and harass the surrounding areas.

It was at Andrath the Witch-king of Angmar set up camp while searching for the Ring-bearer and likely his presence woke up the wights of the Barrow-downs. Maybe that camp was near the location of the crypt that leads from the Vale of Andrath into the barrows. [34.9S, 53.1W]


These landmarks are located within Andrath:


Halecatch Lake
Pierson's Farm
South-guard Ruins

See list of all NPCs within Andrath

Turtle.png Tiny Turtles
HumanM.png Toby Thorndyke
Hobbit.png Turtle Catcher


See "starting quests" and the landmarks for more quests


[15] Quest:Instance: A Spear at the Southern March


The following creatures are found within this area:


Map of Bree-land Topographic map of Bree-land


Barrow in the hills of western Andrath Vale of trees in Andrath

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