Race of Man Traits

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Classes Be Bu Ca Ch Gu Hu Lm Mi Rk Wd
Skills Be Bu Ca Ch Gu Hu Lm Mi Rk Wd
Traits Be Bu Ca Ch Gu Hu Lm Mi Rk Wd
Deeds Be Bu Ca Ch Gu Hu Lm Mi Rk Wd

Trait Description Level Deed
Upper-cut (Trait)-icon.png Upper-cut Grants a Melee ability 13 Enmity of the Dead (50)
Tactics and Might Bonus-icon.png Tactics and Might Bonus +5% to Fellowship Manoeuvre healing and damage 19 Enmity of the Dead II (100)
Man Sword-damage Bonus-icon.png Man Sword-damage Bonus +5% to 1H and 2H Sword damage 25 Enmity of the Dead III (150)
Man of the Fourth Age-icon.png Man of the Fourth Age +20 Will 13 Enmity of the Wargs (50)
Return to Bree (Trait)-icon.png Return to Bree Allows you to teleport back to Bree 29 Enmity of the Wargs II (150)
Duty-bound (Trait)-icon.png Duty-bound +5% Maximum Morale buff to fellowship for 10 min, 30 min cooldown 35 Enmity of the Wargs III (150)
Balance of Man-icon.png Balance of Man + (8.08 * Level) to Block, Parry, and Evade ratings 30 Enmity of the Hillmen (150)
Strength of Morale (Trait)-icon.png Strength of Morale Restores 2200 - 3000 Morale, 30 min cooldown 35 Enmity of the Hillmen II (250)
Virtuous Man-icon.png Virtuous Man +1 Confidence, Justice, and Patience 20 Friend of Men of Bree

These are obtained via completion of Race of Man Deeds.