Hunting Lodge (Archet)

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Hunting Lodge
Region: Bree-land
Area: Archet Dale
Location: [24.9S, 47.0W]
Hunting Lodge (Archet) Interior.jpg

The Hunting Lodge is a lodge in Archet Dale, in Bree-land. [24.9S, 47.0W]

The Exterior of the Hunting Lodge

Under the shelter of a mountain ridge in the north-east of Archet Dale this lodge hosts hunters and local guards. One of them is a bowman known throughout the Middle-earth, Fenton Marshley, who willingly helps advanced Hunters to advance their skills.

Before the Assault on Archet this lodge was the home of Jon Brackenbrook, Atli Spider-bane, and others. Jon was exiled by his own father and stayed here for at least three years. But when Archet was in danger he bravely hurried to its rescue and managed to minimize the destruction. Now he lives in Archet, and so does Atli.



After the Assault on Archet

Before the Assault on Archet

Before the Assault on Archet

After the Assault on Archet


NPC Function Coords
After the Assault on Archet
HumanM.png Fenton Marshley Quest - Hunter [24.8S, 47.0W]
HumanM.png Nate Whisperwood (corpse) Quest [25.0S, 46.9W]
HumanF.png Ann Granger [24.9S, 47.2W]
HumanM.png Guard Inside
Before the Assault on Archet
Dwarf.png Atli Spider-bane Quest [24.9S, 46.9W]
HumanM.png Hunter Quest Inside
HumanM.png Jon Brackenbrook Quest Inside
HumanM.png Nate Whisperwood Inside
HumanF.png Ann Granger [24.9S, 47.0W]
HumanM.png Fenton Marshley [24.8S, 47.0W]


These creatures are encountered at this location: