Craft-hall of Esteldín

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Craft-hall of Esteldín
Region: The North Downs
Settlement: Esteldín
Location: [9.7S, 40.5W]
Craft-hall of Esteldín.jpg

Craft-hall of Esteldín is located east-most at the Esteldín Crafters' Courtyard. [9.7S, 40.5W]

This fully equipped craft centre provides several crafting facilities, trainers for most professions as well as Expert Trainers for Jewellers, Tailors, and Woodworkers. Here is also found a Mailbox and the Vault-keeper of Esteldín. Inside the craft-hall are some crafting guilds located: Jeweller's Guild, Tailor's Guild, and Woodworker's Guild.


Craft-hall of Esteldín Exterior





NPC Function
Ranger.png Bordhreg Rangers of Esteldín Vendor & Supplier
HumanF.png Galufirieth Vault-keeper
HumanF.png Rudbereth Supplier


NPC Function
HumanM.png Thentlaer Master of Apprentices
HumanM.png Caredgam Master of Crafting Guilds
Blacksmith.png Herondan Master Craftsman
HumanM.png Daemirdan Expert Jeweller
HumanM.png Fladdan Expert Tailor
HumanF.png Tadhrien Expert Woodworker
HumanF.png Aesbrennil Novice Cook
HumanM.png Roddan Novice Metalsmith
HumanF.png Issiril Novice Scholar
HumanM.png Crisdan Novice Weaponcrafter



Introduction Quests Guild Introduction
Joining a guild requires Expert level
[1] Introduction to Cooking [1] Introduction: Cook's Guild
[1] Introduction to Farming
[1] Introduction to Forestry
[1] Introduction to Jewelcrafting [1] Introduction: Jeweller's Guild
[1] Introduction to Metalsmithy [1] Introduction: Metalsmith's Guild
[1] Introduction to Prospecting
[1] Introduction to Scholarship [1] Introduction: Scholar's Guild
[1] Introduction to Tailoring [1] Introduction: Tailor's Guild
[1] Introduction to Weaponsmithy [1] Introduction: Weaponsmith's Guild
[1] Introduction to Woodworking [1] Introduction: Woodworker's Guild
Following Quests Master Craftsman Quests
[1] Practice Makes Perfect [50] A Love of Provender - Cook
[50] A Love of the Forest - Forester
[50] A Love of Gems - Jeweller
[50] A Love of Steel - Metalsmith
[50] A Love of Gold - Prospector
[50] A Love of Attire - Tailor
[50] A Love of Lore - Scholar
[50] A Love of Arms - Weaponsmith



Forge within the main Craft-hall Oven inside the Craft-hall Workbenches found within the Craft-hall