Fornost: Wraith of Water

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Fornost: Wraith of Water
Level: 25 - 150
Size: Fellowship
Cluster: Shadows of Angmar
Region: North Downs
Area: Fornost
Location: [6.1S, 55.3W]

Wraith of Water is an instance within Fornost, in North Downs. [6.1S, 55.3W]

Fornost, the last capitol of the fallen North Kingdom. It is here that the Witch-king of Angmar crushed the realm of Arnor, and it is here to which Angmar has returned to conquer Eriador.

This is the first of four World Instances within Fornost. Having the quest Megoriath, the Wraith of Water and killing Megoriath completes the deed Fornost -- The Gate to Earth, which is a prerequisite for the Wraith of Earth instance, and thus a prerequisite for the three other instances.

Just outside the entrance is a Camp Site Fire which serves all instances.

Defeat Zhurmat. Optionally find and rescue Sara Oakheart and defeat the two uruk bosses Shiruk and Kamordî. Finally, fight your way towards Barad Eithel, the first tower, and defeat Megoriath who drops a morgul hilt.



All quests are Fellowship





Sara Oakheart


These mobs are encountered within this instance:


Level Name Difficulty Species Dread Morale Location
36 Zhurmat Elite Master Orc-kind 0 12,500
Shiruk and Kamordî
Elite Master Orc-kind 0 2 x 14,000
37 Megoriath Elite Master The Unseen 2 22,000 Barad Eithel

Walk-through and Tactics

The beginning is in an area of orcs. One battle is unavoidable in order to proceed, but the rest are optional. In tier 2 the orcs have frontal AoE, so make sure the tank faces a different direction than the rest of the group.

At the end of the Pen area Zhurmat is overseeing the pens. He has 4 goblin adds (both ranged and melee) that join in with him and they must be killed quickly. CC, such as rooting, will not work because another 4 goblins will spawn at every 1/5th of Zhurmat's health (4 more waves total). Zhurmat can apply an interrupt-able heal to his allies. In tier 2 he can also apply a green heal circle. Thus, interrupt any healing, and in tier 2 you pull him and his adds out of the healing circle.

Once Zhurmat is defeated the group may accept the optional Sara Oak-heart quest in the pen area, or press forward.

Next is a large pool with water. It will silence you, so fight on the patches of land. Fight through the mobs (green for melee, blue for ranged) till you get to the tower Barad Eithel. Make sure you do not pull 2 groups. Fight through the tower to Megoriath.

The water within Megoriath's room causes a silenced effect, so all healers and casters will need to stand on one of the three stone platforms surrounding him to avoid it.

Once the combat begins, burn down Megoriath until he reaches a certain morale threshold when he will break down a wall. After a while, he will break down another wall, and then a third. In tier 2 he will also summon adds which must be taken care of immediately. In order to avoid the silencing water there are stepping stones that you jump on to reach Megoriath. This process repeats itself until Megoriath is defeated.

Megoriath has a powerful ranged attack, he will not use it if you are within melee range so bring a tank.

Megoriath will suddenly move to a new location destroying walls enlarging the fight area in the process. There are a total of four locations he moves too. You can swim to the first and forth location. The second and third location are traps! You can swim to Megoriath's but you can't swim back. Instead, you must jump on top of the pillars (avoiding the water) to get back. All the while Mogoriath will be using his powerful ranged attack until you get close to him again.


Level 36-38 Tier 1

Level 75 Tier 1

Level 85 (Fornost Shared)