Etten Caves

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Etten Caves
Region: North Downs
Area: Taur Gonwaith
Location: [16.6S, 42.1W]

Etten Caves is a public dungeon within Taur Gonwaith, in North Downs. [16.6S, 42.1W]

The Exterior of Etten Caves

This damp, dimly lit cavern is host to an entire horde of Stone-trolls as well as a small contingent of Hill-men lead by an Angmarim who dons himself the "Troll-Keeper". It is they, who have stirred the trolls into attacking Lin Giliath and from within these caves they no doubt prepare their forces to march further on the North Downs.

Explorers should use caution, trolls are trolls after all, but characters on level with them together with one fellow may do fine if staying away from group aggro.


Map of the caves (entrance is topmost)




These creatures are encountered within this location:


"Taur Gonwaith was once a shady vale to the south-east of Lin Giliath, but the trolls have despoiled it at the hands of their Angmarim masters." — Quest