Attack at Dawn

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"In the late evening hours, a small group of refugees sought refuge in the hidden Ranger-camp of Esteldín. These refugees were followed by a small group of goblin-scouts that quickly fled to Dol Dínen to bring word to their chief, Graug. Siniath the Ranger has asked you to seek out Graug and defeat him before he can spread word of the Esteldín's location. As you arrive near Dol Dínen, the first rays of false dawn can be seen overhead."


Attack at Dawn is a level 30 - 150 skirmish, located within Dol Dínen, in North Downs.


There is one quest in this skirmish that scales to your level. You will automatically receive it when entering the skirmish.

Other Quests


  • The Deed Attack at Dawn rewards the Title: Dawn-breaker
  • There are a number of Skirmish Lieutenants Deeds
  • Since you will only meet one or two of these encounter mobs each skirmish, you will have to do several sessions before you can complete it.
  • Mobs you encounter must be close to your level or the kill will not count towards the deed.


Instance Overview

Fight your way through the courtyards. Each courtyard is barricaded with a massive gate.

Main Courtyard

  • There are three groups of enemies in the first courtyard, a central group inside the main gate, and one each at the Eastern and Western gates. Try to take them on one at a time.
  • Taking one or the other of the Eastern or Western gate lets you into the main courtyard, but you should defeat the mobs at both gates, so you will not encounter them later, when returning from a defeat, or going to fight an encounter. The second gate will open after you take the central gate and defeat the resulting counterattacks in Objective 3.
  • If you take both the Eastern and Western gates, you will only get one encounter. You may never encounter Krampum if you always take both gates.
  • Watch out for the falling catapult rocks in the upper and lower main courtyard. They hurt, so don't stand in the center of the orange targeting circle. The ramp is a safe zone, and near the edges where the encounter mobs appear. The rocks can be used to take out or soften up enemy combatants, including the encounter mobs.
  • If you are patient, the mobs in the main courtyard may wonder far enough apart that you can fight some of them in the lower area and some in the upper area.

Mountain Road

  • After you take the central gate (Objective 3), there will be two counter attacks, one from uphill, and one from below.
  • After you take the catapults (Objective 5), there will be one counter attack (in solo mode). Some of the mobs may race toward the path down to the main courtyard. You might be able to split the fight if they get too far from their buddies who rush into the area around the destroyed catapults.


For all recorded variants of mobs found within the instance, see Category:Attack at Dawn Mobs.


Standard skirmish enemies scale in difficulty type depending on the size of the skirmish. Prefixes indicate the difficulty of the variant, ranging from Weak (Swarm) to Mighty (Nemesis).

The following base creatures can be found within this skirmish:


Up to 2 of these Encounters may appear in this skirmish:


Competing the skirmish will reward Rangers of Esteldín Reputation.

Rewards and Loot scale to the level, group size, and tier of the Skirmish. Loot is found by/at/in/from:

  • Completing quest flags or objectives
  • Skirmish Lieutenants
  • Encounters
  • End Boss(es)
  • Fancy Wooden Chest (appears after the boss fight)
  • Sometimes the last banner must be activated before the chest appears, be aware and do not leave until the boss loot or chest has been found.

Skirmish Marks are the main reward from skirmishes. They are stored in the characters Wallet window. Marks, Medallions, and Seals are used to barter at the many Skirmish Camps.

Summary Loot List