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Type: Orc Camp
Region: North Downs
Area: Dol Dínen
Location: [16.0S, 36.8W]

Hîsuk is a landmark within Dol Dínen, in North Downs. [16.0S, 36.8W]

In the far south-east of the North Downs the mighty Ongbúrz tribe have built a fortification, levelled above the humps and ditches of the rest of Dol Dínen. These palisades and many camps form the lower defence of the true stronghold of Tûmat, located even further up-hills, past a well-patrolled winding path.

The Ongbúrz have brought many trolls to their ranks that are roaming all of the camps of the fortification. At the peak of Hîsuk, at the western fork of the path to Tûmat, lies the huge tent of Uruk-general Zaukîl. Hîsuk is also the setting for the skirmish named Attack at Dawn.


Zaukîl's Command Tent
The lower camps




The following deeds can be obtained by visiting this location:


These creatures are encountered within this location:


The war-camp of Hîsuk provides a commanding view over the blasted wastes of Dol Dínen. Here the Orkish army gathers its might and prepares for further conquest of the North Downs. — Deed