The Evendim Gate

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The Evendim Gate
Type: Gate
Region: North Downs
Area: Fields of Fornost
Location: [10.3S, 59.6W]

The Evendim Gate is a landmark within the Fields of Fornost, in North Downs. [10.3S, 59.6W]

Furthest to the west of the barren fields of Fornost, and of North Downs, this gate leads into Evendim and beyond. Broken and dysfunctional it reminds of the lost kingdom of Arthedain, now guarded by shades of spent numbers.

Within Evendim, just west of the gate, the ranger Torogethir has set up camp and is charged with watching the road and the nearby ruins. All quest involvement here are related to him and Evendim.


Torogethir's Camp






These creatures are encountered at this location:


The Evendim Gate was the scene of one of the major battles of 1974 TA, when the Witch King overran Arthedain. Legions of the Witch King failed to capture Glírost, allowing soldiers from Evendim to mount a defence against the Orcs and Oathbreakers. Although they took heavy casualties, the Men of Evendim managed to hold the Gate against Angmar. — arda