Trestlebridge Gate (South)

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This page is about the gate towards Bree-land. For the gate towards the Wildwood, see Trestlebridge Gate (West)
Trestlebridge Gate
Type: Gate
Region: North Downs
Area: Trestlebridge
Location: [18.2S, 53.7W]

Trestlebridge Gate is a landmark within Trestlebridge, in North Downs. [18.2S, 53.7W]

As one of two gates into Trestlebridge, this is the southern gate and it stands athwart the North-South Road that since ancient times served as the royal road, connecting the northern part of the Arnorian Kingdom with the southern Gondor. Now this road connects Bree-land with North Downs.

Somehow this gate withstood the recent fierce attack when Orcs managed to overrun the town of which much now is burnt to ashes.




Giles Chadwick
Guard - Free Peoples