Dol Nendír

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Dol Nendír
Type: Ruins
Region: North Downs
Area: Meluinen
Location: [13.5S, 42.6W]

Dol Nendír is a landmark within Meluinen, in North Downs. [13.5S, 42.6W]

At a hilltop just above the wetland of Meluinen these crumbled ruins reminds of ancient times. However, recently new residents have overrun this location.


These deeds can be advanced by visiting Dol Nendír.


These creatures are encountered at this location:


Dol Nendír was a small Arthedain fortress on the north-eastern edges of Meluinen, before it was razed by the armies of Angmar, long ago. — Deed

The fort was built to ward against the trolls that haunted the woods south of Meluinen. When the Witch King swept through the North Downs, he established a great camp in Dol Dínen. The forces of Arthedain held the passes at Dol Nendir and Nan Wathren for many weeks until the Witch King, along with the trolls, finally sacked Dol Nendir and forced Nan Wathren. The heart of Arthedain was now left open to the Witch King.