Fornost: Wraith of Shadow

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Fornost: Wraith of Shadow
Level: 30 - 150
Size: Fellowship
Cluster: Shadows of Angmar
Region: North Downs
Area: Fornost
Location: [6.1S, 55.3W]

Wraith of Shadow is an instance within Fornost, in North Downs. [6.1S, 55.3W]

This is the fourth of four World Instances within Fornost. A prerequisite for this instance is to complete the deed Fornost -- The Gate to Shadow, which means completing a certain quest within the Wraith of Fire instance and killing Brogadan.

Just outside the entrance is a Camp Site Fire which serves all instances.

Find and defeat Krithmog that is found in the basement with a bunch of wargs. Proceed and fight your way up up the tower towards Einiora and her three barghests. Proceed to the roof of the tower to lit braziers and defeat Remmenaeg, the last boss.







These mobs are encountered within this instance:


Level Name Difficulty Species Dread Morale Location
41 Krithmog Elite Master Beast 1 23,500 Minas Erain
41 Einiora Elite Master Man 0 23,000 Minas Erain
42 Remmenaeg   Nemesis The Unseen 6 32,500 Minas Erain

Walk-through and Tactics

Krithmog is found in the basement of Minas Erain, together with a bunch of wargs.

Proceed through the tower; be careful at the third floor with Einiora. It consists of an inner and an outer ring:

  • The outside ring is patrolled by monsters --- pull them outwards to avoid aggroing the others.
  • Einiora is located in the inner ring, she will send her barghests to attack. Only one barghest is vulnerable at a time, thus they must be defeated in order: Migul, Tûm and then Ryk. Eventually Einoria also summons 2 Angmarim Guards and also enters the battle herself.

Proceed to the roof of the tower to challenge Remmenaeg, the last boss. He is invincible until all three braziers are lit.

  • Have one of the Fellowship members stationed at each brazier. They are located to the left, to the right, and behind Remmenaeg.
  • NOTE: For each brazier, it is important for the brazier person to wait for the fellowship to clear out the adds before lighting more flints. Rinse and repeat until Remmenaeg finally is defeated. Tentatively...
  1. Light the brazier behind him, it summons one ghost.
  2. Light the right brazier, it summons fire wights.
  3. Light the left brazier, it summons bats.

The challenge is to kill him while only lighting 7 braziers.


Level 39-42

Level 85 Gear (Fornost Shared)