Fornost: Wraith of Fire

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Fornost: Wraith of Fire
Level: 30 - 150
Size: Fellowship
Cluster: Shadows of Angmar
Region: North Downs
Area: Fornost
Location: [6.1S, 55.3W]

Wraith of Fire is an instance within Fornost, in North Downs. [6.1S, 55.3W]

This is the third of four World Instances within Fornost. A prerequisite for this instance is to complete the deed Fornost -- The Gate to Fire, which means completing a certain quest within the Wraith of Earth instance and killing Rhavameldir. Within this instance, having the quest Brogadan, Wraith of Fire and killing Brogadan completes the deed Fornost -- The Gate to Shadow, which is a prerequisite for the fourth instance, Fornost: Wraith of Shadow.

Just outside the entrance is a Camp Site Fire which serves all instances.

Find and defeat Riamul. Fight your way towards an idol, destroy it, and defeat the elite master Zanthrug. Finally, fight through fire wights towards and up the "third tower", Barad Narthan, and defeat Brogadan who drop a third morgul hilt.







These mobs are encountered within this instance:


Level Name Difficulty Species Dread Morale Location
38 Riamul Elite Master The Dead 2 22,500
39 Zanthrug   Elite Master Orc-kind 0 23,500
40 Brogadan Elite Master The Unseen 4 25,000 Barad Narthan

Walk-through and Tactics

At the entrance the path is a lot more linear. Deal with adds, but keep in mind of the patrolling blogmal lieutenants, who will join combat. Along the way you may also encounter idols to saulron. The torch is nearby, and will usually only require one fight to reach. Eventually you will get to Riamul.

Burn Riamul down until he summons adds, and created a shield. Kill the adds to destroy the shield, and move back to Riamul. on t2 he summons green circles, which heal all monsters within. Prevent anyone from being in a circle, and you will be fine. After Riamul's defeat go on until you get to a courtyard, and kill all there. Then 40 or so adds will pop up, and the idol to saulron will be destroyable. You may notice that one of these adds is a elite master Uruk named Zanthrug.

He is your next boss, and to fight him you right click on the idol to destroy it. Zanthrug will say a quick speech, jump down and attack. adds will also come down in waves of about 7 or so. There are a total of 6 waves. Everyone must burn down adds via Aoe. Champions are very helpful here. Although the adds are of the same name as the ones encountered previously they are only normal, and signature mobs, and can be burned down within the time threshold.

After Zanthrug, proceed to the tower with a new type of mob: Fire wights! In the tower you will encounter 2 elite inferno wights. Attacking these will open up the gate forward. As you proceed forward, you will find that elite master tempest wights can summon burning, and blazing wights to assist them. After climbing the stairs and proceeding you may also notice the last idol of saulron. The torch is further ahead, but be wary as, if you burn the idol this time it will alert adds further on in the room to come, and kill you. Other than that the path is linear, and eventually you will encounter Brogadan. Adds here must be dealt with ASAP to prevent the whole room from lighting on fire. Other than that it is just killing the guy. The exit is south.


Level 40-41

Level 75 Tier 1

Level 85 Gear (Fornost Shared)