Bree-town Vault

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Bree-town Vault
Region: Bree-land
Settlement: Bree
Location: [29.8S, 52.7W]
Bree-town Vault Interior.jpg

The eastern entrance

Bree-town Vault is found near the West Gate in Bree. [29.8S, 52.7W]

The vault is found inside and south of West Gate, and west of the southbound street to the Stone Quarter, with entrances in both directions. Inside is found an auctioneer, a mailbox, and vault-keepers of course.

A vault allows characters to store items, in addition to regular inventory bags. Here is also found an Escrow Broker.



NPC Function
HumanM.png Dirk Crabgrass Auctioneer
HumanF.png Joy Hayseed Escrow Broker
HumanF.png Maud Foxglove Vault-keeper
HumanM.png Tad Gardener Vault-keeper
HumanM.png Watcher