Brandy Hills

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Area.png Brandy Hills
Region: Bree-land
Landmark(s): Girdley Island
The Brandywood
Southern Bree-fields
North Bridgefields - The Shire
Levels: Mainly 16 - 21
Resource tier: Journeyman
Brandy Hills.jpg

The Brandy Hills is an area within Bree-land in the western region.

This is an area north of Buckland along the eastern shores of Brandywine River until the Brandywood. Girdley Island is the only named point of interest of these hills though they are dotted by small Arnorian ruins. Some young hunters may be seen hunting bears and boars taking shelter in those ruins.


These landmarks are located within the Brandywood:


Girdley Island


Map of Bree-land Topographic map of Bree-land


Ruined platform in the Brandy Hills White flower meadow in the Brandy Hills The river that separates the Brandy Hills from the Brandywood A ruined tower in the western Brandy Hills Ruined structure in the eastern Brandy Hills

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